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Camcorder Batteries

Replacement Camcorder TechFuel Batteries for Sony, Canon and more.

Discover why Batteryheads.com and TechFuel® are the web's most reliable names when it comes to your power needs. Our TechFuel® batteries deliver the same level of quality and battery length, that you'd expect from the original manufacturer battery, but at a cheaper price. BatteryHeads Camcorder batteries are fully compatible with any brand you can think of. As with our digital camera batteries, our TechFuel® camcorder batteries carry a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Find the right replacement camcorder battery for you by typing your camcorder model number or battery part number into the Power Search window above or by browsing the applicable brand below.
Shopping Options
  1. Canon Camcorder Batteries (267)
  2. Hitachi Camcorder Batteries (184)
  3. JVC Camcorder Batteries (997)
  4. Panasonic Camcorder Batteries (597)
  5. Samsung Camcorder Batteries (103)
  6. Sanyo Camcorder Batteries (161)
  7. Sony Camcorder Batteries (1528)
  8. Toshiba Camcorder Batteries (10)
Device Type
  1. Camcorder (3847)
Item Type
  1. Battery (3847)
Compatible Brand
  1. Canon (267)
  2. Hitachi (184)
  3. JVC (997)
  4. Panasonic (597)
  5. Samsung (103)
  6. Sanyo (161)
  7. Sony (1528)
  8. Toshiba (10)
  1. Li-ion (3847)
Extra Capacity
  1. Extended Capacity (1104)
  2. Super Capacity (336)