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10 Tips to Extend the Life of your Camera Battery

10 Tips to Extend the Life of your Camera Battery #battery #photography #batteryheads There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the perfect photo opportunity unfolding before you, reaching for your camera and then realizing your battery is dead.  Weather you are a professional photographer or just a snap happy parent these tips will help you have enough battery to capture every magical moment.

1. Keep your Battery Charged Most digital cameras use a Li-ion battery.  These batteries don't have a "memory" so it is okay to charge the battery before it is all the way drained, that way you start your day with a full charge.

2. Turn off the LCD Screen It is fun to see your pictures after you have taken them, but the LCD screen is one of the biggest power drains for your battery.  Read your manual to see how to turn your screen off.  If you can't turn the screen off at least dim it so it is not drawing as much power.  You can also usually reduce the amount of time the picture shows on the screen.  If your camera has GPS or Wi-Fi it is also good to turn those off to save battery.

3. Purchase an Extra Battery It sounds simple, but purchasing an extra battery and keeping it charged as a back up is the easiest way to ensure you are able to keep shooting without limitations.  Batteryheads carries a large selection of camera batteries and camcorder batteries.  Our TechFuel brand ensures you will get a high quality battery at a competitive price that will work with your camera.

4. Don't Delete Unwanted Pictures You want to make sure you are capturing just the right moment and it is pretty tempting to go through your pictures and delete the ones you don't want.  When you are deleting those pictures you are depleting your battery.  Wait until you are able to upload pictures to view and delete the ones you don't want.  Use your time now to look for those photo opportunities.

5. Hot or Cold Be aware of the temperature of your camera and your extra batteries.  Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can reduce your battery life.  Keep your batteries in your pocket or in a bag to help keep the batteries "just right."

6. Turn the Camera Off If it is going to be a few minutes before you use your camera again be sure to turn it off.  Most cameras will do this on there own, but only after a while and during that time they are draining your battery.

7. Shoot Without the Flash Rather than leaving your camera in an auto mode that might use the flash when you don't need it, turn the flash off.

8. Focus  If you are using auto focus don't push the button half way down until you are ready to take the picture.  Then focus quickly and take your picture.  If your camera has continuous focus, turn it off.10 Tips to Extend the Life of your Camera Battery #batteryheads #battery #photography

9. Zoom  If your camera has an auto zoom lens be aware that every time you adjust the zoom the motors are using quite a bit of battery life.  This is also true if your camera has an extendable lens that moves when you turn your camera off and on.

10. One Last Picture If you find that your really just need to take one more picture and the battery is dead, you can turn off your camera, take the battery out and put the battery back in.  Sometimes this will give you just enough juice for one last shot.

Now go out and enjoy taking pictures!

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