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Record More! Which Camcorders have the Longest Battery Life?

Which Camcorders have the Longest Battery Life?

When you're on a long journey where it’ll be inconvenient or impossible to recharge your electronics, you need a long life battery for your camcorder.  An extended nature trip like spelunking, exploring the Grand Canyon or just taking an extended bicycle trek might be that kind of situation. When you require continuous recording without a break or will be unable to recharge for quite a while, finding a great long life battery is essential.

Longevity of batteries is measured in ampere-hours. A mili ampere-hour is one thousandth of an ampere hour. Those camcorder batteries that have 1000 mAh (mili ampere-hour) have 1 Ah. To many, this doesn’t have much meaning, but when you consider that many car batteries have about 50 Ah, you can get an idea about the magnitude of camcorder battery life.

Camcorder and battery solutions

One camcorder at the lower end of the price spectrum that receives very good reviews is the ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder.  It has a long battery life of 8 hours. Supplemental batteries are also available. The ContourHD Battery is 3.7V and 1050mAh. This rechargeable lithium-ion battery augments the ContourRoam with 2 hours of power. When you need to recharge, just place it in the Contour HD and connect the camcorder to your computer using the USB cable included with the camcorder.

Your purchasing options may include 2 Wasabi Power batteries and 1 Wasabi Power charger with European plug and car adapter.  Some batteries have a 1300mAh battery life that will supply up to 3 hours of power depending on usage and temperature. The batteries and charger have a 3 year warranty. Because the ContourRoam has a built in battery, no additional batteries are needed.

The Sony HDR-PJ810 is an HD camcorder and projector with superior features such as plenty of memory, wireless video transfer and excellent technical control over focus, exposure, balance and shutter speed. Just a few of its many other features are:

  • 32GB flash memory that will support up to 8 hours of recording
  • Ability to create exceptional sound with 5.1 surround microphone
  • Wireless control and file transfer
  • 1920 x 1080 HD with 9.2 mp Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • High-contrast projector


Many Sony camcorders use the NP-FM50 Lithium Battery. This Sony lithium battery and other compatibles are rechargeable. There’s no need to wait for the battery to fully discharge before recharging. Sony uses a patented design to extend battery life. An internally built battery microprocessor lets you know the percentage of remaining battery life while giving you a heads up on when to change and charge your batteries. NP-FM50 is 7.2 volts, 8.5 watt hours and 1,180 mAh. This compact supplemental battery will provide you with as much as 3 additional video recording hours.

Many possibilities for extended video creations

Fortunately for all of us who use camcorders there are now many opportunities to participate in extended video sessions that enhance our range of creative opportunity. Today’s camcorders are available in a variety of prices, allowing us to create documentaries that extend over longer periods of time, pushing the boundaries beyond the normal range.

Visit our store now to survey a number of battery options for your camcorder.

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