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Choose the Right Portable Power Bank

When it comes to the world of portable power the options are growing all the time.  These devices are known by a few different names so whether it is called a power bank, portable power pack, or external battery/charger know that you are looking at the same thing.  However, you will find a big difference in the size, weight, charging capacity and price.

How do you decided which is right for you? To know how to answer that question you will need to know the largest device you will want to charge with your power bank.  You may also want to look at which device you need charged the most.  If you have different answers to these two questions you may want to look at getting two different power banks to fit your needs better.


Once you know what you will be charging then you need to look at the capacity of the power bank.  A smartphone takes less power to charge than a tablet.  If you want to charge multiple devices at once you will also need a larger capacity.

Take a look at your current battery.  The capacity is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). An iPhone 6 has the capacity of 1,810 mAh and a Galaxy5s has 2,800 mAh. Most small portable power devices will charge either of those phones at least one time. Tablets fit in the range of 6,000 to 11,000 mAh.  If your power bank exceeds that capacity it should be able to charge your device. If you want to charge multiple devices, or one device multiple times, then the mAh should exceed the total capacity of both devices.

Amps and Watts

Not only should you look at the capacity, but also the amps and watts. You can look at your current charger to see how much amps are required to charge your device.  Many USB devices are charged with 0.5 amps.  Some phones and tablets require more amps.  If your power bank is sending 0.5 amps of power and your device is looking for 2.1 amps your results will be a long charging time or possibly your device not taking the charge at all.


The other things to consider are the size, weight, ports/plugs and any other features on your power bank.  If you only need to charge your phone you can go with a much smaller and lighter external battery.  If you need to charge a tablet a couple times during the day you will need an external battery with a lot of capacity, so it will be much larger and heavier.

Also take in to consideration the ports and plugs available. Most external batteries are charged with a USB cable.  They also charge devices using USB cables.  You will want to make sure you have the connections you need or that the external battery comes with those, otherwise you will need to purchase cords separately.

Some portable power packs will come with other extras, like a flashlight, so you will want to consider if that is a feature you must have.

Choose the Right Portable Power Bank to fit your needs; a quick guide to make sure you have enough power to charge your device. #batteryheads

We hope this guide helps you choose the portable power pack that is right for you.  You can check out or selection of external batteries or USB battery chargers.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.  We are happy to help.

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