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Comparing HP Pavilion G6 Replacement Laptop Batteries

Both these batteries fit the same laptops. Find what the real differences are so you are prepared to make a smart decision next time you buy a new laptop battery. #batteryheads Two batteries-both fit the HP Pavilion G6

Are you looking for a replacement battery for your HP Pavilion G6 and getting confused by all the options? When replacing your laptop battery there are a few differences that you want to understand before you make your purchase and are disappointed with the performance of the new battery.

Part Number  It is important that you get the right battery to replace your original battery.  There are many laptops with similar part numbers so be careful when you are searching for a replacement battery.  For the battery we are using in this example, the HP Pavilion G6, there are around 4,000 laptop models that use this battery.  We suggest you check your laptop owners manual or pull the battery out of your laptop to find the battery part number listed on the battery and search by that number. This should help narrow down your search but, this battery still has over 40 part numbers including; HSTNN-DBOW, HSTNN-UB1G, MU06, MU09XL and 586006-321.  Your battery part number will also help you know if you are using a standard battery or an extended capacity battery.  If you are currently using an extended capacity battery and replace it with a standard battery you will notice a significant reduction in how long the battery lasts.  If you are using a standard battery you may decide to try an extended battery.

Volts  V, or voltage is shown on batteries so you will know how much power can be pulled from the battery at one time.   When your battery is in a sleeping mode it pulls a different amount of power compared to when you are watching a DVD.   The voltage number allows you to make sure it will meet the specifications that you need for your laptop and the way you commonly use it.

Milliamp Hours or mAh will help you compare how long your battery will last per charge cycle.  So a battery that is 4400 mAh will last half as long as a battery that is 8800 mAh.

Cells  The cell count tells you how many sections of cells are in the battery.ExtendedCapacityvsRegular

The more cells the battery contains, the longer the battery will last.  Most multi-cell lithum-ion batteries are smart batteries because of the power management system to control power and prevent under or over charging.  When making your purchase you also need to be aware that batteries with more cells need some place to put those cells.  These batteries are usually designed to extend either behind the computer or under the computer.  Our 9-cell battery extends under the computer.  This does put the laptop in a raised position and does allow for better circulation to help prevent overheating.

Currently our 9-cell battery raises the laptop 3/4 inch.  The bottom of the battery includes two rubber feet to increase the stability in the laptop when the battery is installed on the computer.  The 9-cell weighs 4.5 ounces more than the 6-cell.  The run time of the 9-cell battery is approximately 1-1.5 hours longer than the 6-cell battery.  You can check current specs by looking at the 9-cell HP Pavilion G6 battery and the 6-cell HP Pavilion G6 battery.

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