Do you Hate Your Smart Phone Battery?

PowerBank by TechFuel will charge your smart phone on the go to keep you texting, talking and surfing longer.

It seems like everyone has a smart phone these days, but if you are like most people, you are probably finding that the more you love your phone, the more you hate your battery.  You start out each morning with full power and by noon you are rationing use so you can make it home with some battery life.  In a survey by Scientific American the results say you are not alone in this love-hate relationship.

Smart phones replace many gadgets, from calculators to cameras and flashlights to, well, phones. No wonder the battery seems to give out so quickly.  We have it multi-tasking more than a mom.  Search the internet and you can find countless ways to help increase your smart phone battery life.  We hope you take time to follow a few of those including a few we posted here.

If those tips still have you coming up short on battery power then we recommend a few products to help keep you texting, talking, surfing, and playing all day.

1. PowerBanks-you can "bank" your power and use it later when your battery starts to die. These usually charge with a USB port so they can often power more than one of your devices.  TechFuel offers a 5000 mAh PowerBank so it will charge up most smart phones and other small electronic devices.  Want to see it in action?  Check it out below or purchase it here.


2. External Battery Cases-add an extra battery to your phone.  The TechFuel iPhone 4/4s Case can charge your iPhone battery and additional 2 times, increasing power by 200%.

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