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Do you Want to be a Superhero This Christmas?

Free printable Christmas gift tag for batteries. Show how clever you are when you give this unique and practical gift. Great Christmas gift for neighbors, friends, co-workers, teens, teachers, etc. Have Enough Energy to last through the Holidays!

Growing up across the street from a convenience store I saw my fair share of parents making a quick dash on Christmas morning to purchase those forgotten, and now overpriced batteries needed to make new Christmas toys work. Imagine the gratitude, even superhero status, friends will show you when you gift them the gift of all gifts. The gift that saves Christmas! Ok, maybe we shouldn't be that dramatic, but everyone is sure to love getting a unique and practical gift. This year we are teaming up with Energizer to make gift giving super easy and affordable for you.  Give your friends, neighbors, boss, co-worker, teen, teacher, etc.  the perfect gift--enough energy to last through the holidays!

Just go to Batteryheads.com and chose $100 worth of Energizer products. We will send you the rebate form or you can print it here.  Mail the form, your invoice and the UPCs to Energizer to receive a $20 Visa gift card. To sweeten the deal we are also putting our most popular Energizer Industrial AA Alkaline Batteries on sale. Spend at least $35 at Batteryheads.com and you can save 15% on these great batteries by typing "EnoughEnergy" as the coupon code. We love these batteries! They pack a powerful punch and just keep going and going. Let's do the math: Buy 10 boxes of Energizer Industrial AA Alkaline Batteries - save 15% - get your $20 Visa Card rebate = You get 240 top notch Energizer AA batteries for less than 35 cents a battery!

You may also want to take a look at our great selection of Energizer Rechargeable Batteries. We know that more and more products are power hungry. By investing a little more, you are able to power up again and again, saving you money in the long run. We love the Energizer Recharge Smart for its quicker charge (4 hours), countdown timer and limited lifetime warranty.  Buy one for the family and then stuff each stocking with a 4-pack of Energizer AA or AAA rechargeable batteries.  Thank you Santa!

To make this practical gift even easier for you to give we made you some FREE printable gift tags to add to your gift. Print them here, tie them to the batteries with a bow and be ready to be a superhero when you give the best Christmas gift!

"Hope you Have Enough Energy" square tag

"Gift Not Included" square tag

"Wishing you Enough Energy" chalkboard tag

Free Printables Gift Tags for Battery Gifts from Batteryheads.com. Great Christmas gift idea for your favorite teen, teacher, neighbor, co-worker, friend and mailman. Gift Tags for Batteries from Batteryheads.com