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Extend the Life of your Laptop Battery

Do you love to unplug and take your laptop with you away from the desk? Follow these six steps to help your laptop battery last longer.

1. Inspect the contacts on your laptop and on the battery. Make sure they are free of debris and packing materials. To ensure a good connection blow on the contacts or clean them with alcohol and a cotton swab.

2. Charge and discharge your battery 3 to 5 times. This helps your laptop battery perform at full capacity. To do this, insert the battery into the battery bay of your laptop. Fully charge the battery. Unplug the laptop and use the battery until the battery is drained down to 10-20% of capacity. Repeat this process 3-5 times. It is normal for the laptop battery to only hold a partial charge the first few times through the charge/discharge cycle. This process also allows the battery to synchronize with the software on your laptop.

3. Charge the battery, unplug the AC adapter and use the battery until the battery needs to be recharged. Leaving your laptop continually plugged in will significantly shorten the life of your battery. Keeping a fully charged battery in the laptop while using the laptop on AC power will reduce the battery's energy storage capacity.

4. Do not leave your laptop plugged into the wall when not in use or for extended periods while in use. Leaving your laptop power cord connected when not in use, with the battery installed, can cause the cells of the battery to lose their ability to maintain a charge and will diminish the power storage capacity.

5. When not in use, store that laptop battery in a cool and dry place.

6. Do not store an uncharged battery. If the battery is fully depleted, charge for 30 minutes before storage. Storing a fully depleted battery may cause the power protection circuit to trip, preventing a recharge.

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