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Extending the Life of your Laptop Battery

Tips for extending the life of your laptop batteryA few tips on extending the life of your laptop battery.

Don’t run it all the way to empty

While it’s often suggested that a full cycle of power is good for a new battery when it is first in use, doing this often throughout the battery’s life can be detrimental to its longevity.

Keep the temperature down

Excessive heat wears on a battery and will shorten its lifespan. Keeping the vents and cooling systems clear on a laptop can help manage the temperature of a battery and, in turn, extend the life.

Be Efficient with your Operating System

Optimize your operating system by only running programs that are essential to your current tasks, or that are running in the background. Close all other programs. Empty the trash regularly, and delete unused programs and files. Check for viruses and malware regularly, since these can bog down your operating system and use up battery life.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for charging and recharging the batteries contained in your laptop. Batteries have charging times, particularly for the initial use, which should be followed for the best operation of the laptop.

Unplug Extra Devices

USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi devices connected to a laptop can quickly drain battery power. If you aren’t using these with your current operation, disconnect them.

When using AC Power, Disconnect

If your laptop is going to be staying put for a while, disconnect the battery and rely on AC power alone.  This can give the battery a much-needed rest. Be sure that your computer is completely shut down before removing the battery. Removing the battery while the system is running can have damaging effects.

Empty the Drives

Remove any CDs or DVDs from drives. A drive that is continuously spinning without being used will also drain battery power.

Adjust Backlighting

Brighter lights use more power so consider dimming the lights of the screen. If you can set the the brightness of your screen to the lowest setting as possible, but still comfortable for your use, it will save on battery power.

Plug in for Multimedia Use

Multimedia activity will drain battery power. Watching videos, either online or in the DVD drive, drastically drains battery power. If you’re going to watch a long movie, it’s best to plug the computer in if possible.

Close It When Not in Use

If you are not using the laptop, close it. Conserve battery power when the screen is not being lit and programs aren’t running. Leaving your laptop open when not in use can quickly drain resources, since programs are still running and the the laptop is not hibernating. The screen saver will also appear, draining resources.

Keep it Updated

Make sure updates are consistently downloaded and maintained. Often, new drivers and software are designed to become increasingly efficient. By increasing efficiency, there is usually less of a drain on power resources.

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