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Finding the Model Number for my Replacement Battery

There is an increasing need and responsibility for businesses to maintain medical devices such as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED.) To alleviate legal risk, businesses are required to make sure that the device is always ready for use. That means replacement batteries. Batteryheads provide an easy to use site that helps you find replacement batteries for your medical devices.

Find the battery you need quickly

Batteryheads offers two ways to search and find the correct battery for each medical device you have. The first way to search is by model or part number. If you know the part number, just enter it into the search field and press return. If the device manufacturer is Manrex, just type Manrex into the search box, hit enter, and the system displays all of the batteries for Manrex devices.  Best of all, they are displayed by product name, such as the Manrex Powdercrush Pill Crusher Battery. That method of searching makes it easy to find the exact battery that you need.

Special Battery Information

In addition to listing the correct battery for the device the site also offers detailed information such as:

  • An MSDS sheet, which is available as a PDF.
  • Specification on the battery that provides greater detailed such as voltage, capacity, battery chemistry, etc.
  • Reviews for the battery with star rating and text comments that help you feel comfortable with the product.
  • You can also arrive at the same page by entering a product serial number. The difference is that you would be taken to the battery not the list of batteries offered by the product manufacturer.


What if you don't have the Serial Number?

Batteryheads makes it easy to find the device you have. This is a two-step process. You can enter the first letter or number of the manufacturer.

Step 1: If the device is manufactured by Terumo Cardiovascular Systems, just click on the letter T. The system will display all of the manufacturers that begin with the letter T.

Step 2: Choose Terumo Cardiovascular Systems from the list and the system will display all of the Terumo Cardiovascular Systems devices that require batteries. From that list, you can choose the device you have, and the replacement battery will be displayed.

Why Choose Batteryheads?

Batteryheads offers a comprehensive list of replacement medical batteries. They also offer corporate accounts so that you can order batteries when you need them. They make the process easy, affordable, and accurate. You also get to choose the shipping method that is best for you. Due to shipping restrictions and the chemical nature of batteries, some shipping restrictions may occur.  Batteryheads takes the confusion out of shipping by offering clear choices. If your business needs replacement batteries, visit Batteryheads, or call us toll free at (888) 378-6888. We are happy to help you set up an account, or answer questions about battery choices.

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