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Fujifilm FinePix Battery Charger


Fujifilm FinePix XP70 Digital Camera owners say the compact waterproof camera is easy to use and produces good quality images and video.

At about $130, this family-friendly camera is a great choice.FujiFilm FinePix XP70 Blue

The FinePix XP70 is powered by the NP-45A rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and the battery is charged with the BC-45W charger.

Batteryheads sells the TechFuel brand replacement version of the NP-45A (TechFuel part no. Li-40B) and the TechFuel battery charger in both the compact travel version and the desktop model. It will charge the original manufacturer's NP-45A and the TechFuel battery for a great price with Batteryheads' excellent customer service.

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