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Getting Started With Geocaching

GeocachingGeocaching Basics

There are millions of people hunting for geocaches...and millions of geocaches waiting to be found all around the world!  Geocaching has been described as a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game.  Participants (or geocachers) navigate using a GPS-enabled device (such as a smart phone) to a specific set of coordinates to find “treasure” (or geocaches).  It is a great activity for families as well as individuals or groups.  Most GPS devices only require AA or AAA batteries.

Here are some tips from geocache expert, Elin Carlson for VIA Magazine, on how to get started.

Garmin Geko

Buy a GPS device like the slim Garmin Geko. “I found my first 10,000 caches with it,” she says.

Pick your target Search a geocaching website for a cache, then enter the coordinates into your GPS device.

Go on the hunt Sticks and rocks are often used to conceal containers.

Log your find Every cache contains a book. Write your name and the date in it, then record your discovery online.

Give and take If you take something, leave something behind. Small toys, pins, and coins are all popular.

Join a team “It’s a nice way to find people who like to have fun,” Carlson says.


Check these out for more information about geocaching.


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