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How to Choose the Right Camera Battery

Camera BatteryDigital cameras can be power hungry devices.  The batteries are used to power the imaging system, the LCD, the flash, and the storage system.  Newer digital cameras often have image stabilization and powerful zoom features which require even more power.  Many digital cameras can drain a set of batteries in one shooting session.

You can save money and have good battery power for your memorable moments if you choose the right camera battery.  The best way to make certain you purchase the correct battery is to search for the part number on the battery you are trying to replace.

Battery Power and Run Time

Batteries can be rated in amp-hours (Ah) or watt-hours (Wh).  A current flow for one hour measured in amperes (amps) is abbreviated “Ah” and commonly called “amp-hour”.  An amp is a measure of electrical current, and the hour indicates the length of time that the battery can supply this current. A 2.2Ah battery can supply 2.2 amps for an hour.  It is used to rate how long it takes for a battery to discharge.  In the case of most smaller batteries, such as camera or camcorder batteries, a milliampere-hour (mAh) rating is used.  A larger mAh will be a higher capacity.

A camera battery will generally run 1 hour for every 500 mAh.  However, this is just an estimated run time.  The run time will vary based on several power factors such as camera settings and use.

Battery Types

There are several different types of batteries available for cameras.  The differences between them include the type of technology used, whether they can be recharged, and the amount of power that they can supply.

Alkaline: Alkaline batteries are the standard batteries we all familiar with, the AAs, the AAAs, the Cs and Ds. They are available in all many standard sizes and are available for sale many places. However, alkaline batteries aren't really suited for frequent use in digital cameras. They last for a short time before being completely drained. If you intend to use your camera on a regular basis, this could be an expensive power source. However, if your camera will run on their power, they would work in an emergency when your rechargeable batteries have run out.

Li-ion (Lithium Ion): Lithium ion batteries are rechargeable, don't suffer from memory effect and last almost twice as long as some older battery types. Most newer camera batteries are Lithium Ion batteries.

Tips to Prolong the Life of your Digital Camera Battery

♦  Don't switch your camera on and off repeatedly. When a camera is switched on it uses a lot of power to start all the necessary systems. If you are going to take lots of photos in a short time, it's best to leave your camera on, instead of switching it on and off for each shot.Use the optical viewfinder instead of the liquid-crystal display (LCD): The LCD uses a large amount of power. If you use the viewfinder instead of the LCD to frame your images you will conserve power.

♦  Switch off the flash: If you don't need to use the flash, switch it off. Using the flash unnecessarily will drain your batteries much faster.

♦  Review your pictures sparingly: Review the photo briefly after you've taken it to see if you need to re-shoot the photo. An extended review of your photos using the LCD will drain the batteries.

♦  Use an AC adapter: Most cameras provide for the use of an AC adapter. This is ideal for when you are transferring photos from your digital camera to your computer.

♦  If you are shooting on a tripod you can disable the image stabilization on your camera since you won't need it and it is a considerable drain on the battery

Digital Camera Battery Care

♦  Insert the batteries correctly into the camera ♦  Don't mix used and unused batteries ♦  Don't mix different types of batteries ♦  Take care not to overcharge rechargeable batteries ♦  Don't leave batteries inside the camera for an extended period of time. Some batteries may leak and damage the camera ♦  Don't expose your batteries to extreme heat or cold

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