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Affordable Ways to Improve Your Company's Technology

When you read articles on up-and-coming businesses and technology, it appears that organizations across the board are adopting all the newest gizmos and gadgets. In reality, many businesses are far from the cutting edge. Your company may have been around for a while – why fix what isn't broken? - or you may have had no pressing need to update all of your technology. Whatever your reasons, you may not be aware of some easy and affordable ways to make newer technology work for you and your business.

Affordable Ways to Improve Your Company Technologically

Explore open source software

There are a surprising number of open source options that you can use for your business. One great example is the Open Office platform. There are several variations on this, but all are free and designed to be an alternative to more expensive name brand options.

Go digital with your filing

A digital filing system will save you a great deal of space in your office environment. It will also make specific files and documents easier to access and share. There may still be documents that you want to keep hard copies of, but if you have yet to make a full-scale transition to digital, you’re missing out on considerable improvements to efficiency in your office.

Buy high-quality replacement batteries

Battery technology has come a long way in recent years. While it can be tempting to buy bargain batteries in bulk to “save money”, you are probably not really saving money in the long run.  High quality replacement batteries will last longer and be more reliable in your various devices.  Considering how important some of these devices can be to your business, you really can't afford to go cheap in this area.

Go online as much as possible

The more you move your employees and your customers online, the more efficient your operations can become. This does not mean your company needs to be faceless, it just means you should take advantage of this technology as much as you can. Creating a website, online ordering, email and social media interaction, online conference calls – the options are numerous, and most of them are dirt cheap. At this point, clients and customers expect a web presence, and easy access to important information about your company. Take advantage of this.

Social media for customer service

One area where social media can come in really handy is customer service. Companies that go above and beyond to satisfy customers through Twitter and Facebook stand out. All positive exposure is valuable to your business. Get your customer service team – even if it's just you – on social media to answer customer questions and to solve their problems. The goodwill this generates is invaluable.

Try to stay aware

Staying on top of technology is a full-time job, something few business owners have time for. However, it is worth your time to check in every once in a while to see what's new – and more importantly, what successful companies are actually using.

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