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Replacement Battery for Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

Looking for a replacement battery for an Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop? Are you worried about the battery fitting in your Inspiron 1525?

At Batteryheads we offer TechFuel brand lithium-ion replacement batteries for the Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop.  Our TechFuel Inspiron 1525 replacement battery will fit into the following Dell laptop models:

  • Dell Inspiron 1525
  • Dell Inspiron 1526
  • Dell Inspiron 1545
  • Dell Inspiron 1546
  • Dell Vostro 500
Dell INSP1525 replacement battery

Batteryheads has been selling the TechFuel Inspiron 1525 replacement battery since 2008 and this battery is one of our top sellers.  It is an extremely stable battery with very few reported problems, but in case you are not satisfied, we have a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Our TechFuel Inspiron 1525 replacement battery is a 6-cell, 4400mAh capacity battery.  The dimensions of this battery are as follows: Weight 0.66 pounds, Length 8.1 inches, Height 0.9 inches, and Width 2.2 inches.

We no longer offer the 9-cell extended capacity battery as the Inspiron 1525 (and other compatible Inspiron laptop models) are slender laptops and the 9 cell batteries are thicker and will protrude from the back of the laptop.  We have found that our customers prefer a replacement battery that fits flush with the base of the laptop.

Our TechFuel replacement battery will replace the following original Dell battery part numbers:

  •         DELL  312-0625
  •         DELL  312-0633
  •         DELL  312-0763
  •         DELL  451-10478
  •         DELL  451-10533
  •         DELL  C601H
  •         DELL  D608H
  •         DELL  GW240
  •         DELL  HP297
  •         DELL  M911G
  •         DELL  RN873
  •         DELL  X284G
  •         DELL  XR693


We are often asked about the run time of our batteries.  You should get approximately 2 to 3 hours of run time with this standard capacity 6 cell battery, however it is important to remember that the run time will vary depending upon LCD Brightness and other factors not related to the battery such as: features used, battery age & condition, charging habits, the varying temperatures the battery is exposed to, amount of time on standby and actual use time.  Using programs that draw a lot of energy such as adding charts and graphs to a document or watching a movie, will diminish the run time of your battery.