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Laptop Battery Not Charging?

Tips to charge your laptop battery from Batteryheads.comThere are several possible reasons that a laptop may not be charging the battery.

How old is the laptop battery?  If the battery is 2+ years old, the battery may be at the end of its life.

Try taking the battery out of the laptop and then plugging the laptop into an AC power source {without the battery installed}.  If the laptop will not boot up while running on AC power only, the problem is likely an AC adapter issue or a technical problem with the laptop and not a battery issue.

If it is a new battery and you are able boot the laptop up with AC power alone, we suggest that you then install the battery while the laptop is still attached to the AC power source.  Much of the time this "tricks" the laptop into initiating a charge cycle.  Then drain the battery all the way, charge it completely, drain it again, then charge it completely once more.  {This is known as “cycling” the battery.}  This will allow the battery to synchronize with the laptop software.

If you are using a new replacement battery, and the laptop does not recognize or charge the battery, was your laptop able to charge the original battery?  If the laptop was charging the original battery, there may be an issue with the replacement battery.  If you purchased the replacement battery from Batteryheads.com, please contact us so we can set up a return and replace the battery.  If you were unable to charge the original battery with the laptop, then the issue is quite possibly an AC problem or the charging mechanism on the laptop has gone bad.  A failing charging mechanism on a laptop is a fairly common problem that is generally an inexpensive fix. You may also want to view Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery.