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Cutting the Red Tape: Ordering Supplies When You Work for the Government

red tape cutEvery day a host of government agencies, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, individual schools, school districts, and hospitals require goods and services; the purchase of which can’t be delayed by bureaucratic red tape.  When it comes to cutting through governmental red tape, agency managers and office assistants rely on trusted commercial partners who understand their unique needs and scheduling requirements. Here at Batteryheads.com, one of our specialties is delivering the replacement batteries that governmental agencies rely on to power all their emergency equipment.

Types of Agencies

The Government Paperwork Elimination Act recognizes that too much bureaucratic red tape inhibits the function of governmental agencies.  Streamlined processes lead to higher efficiency and more transparency in government transactions, which translates into the delivery of superior services to the public.  Just some of the agencies looking for dependable replacement batteries service include:

  • Military
  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hospital Administrators
  • School Districts

What began as a good plan at the federal level, turned into a great idea at local levels of government, too, as they work with local providers to get the equipment and supplies that they so desperately need to function.

Biomedical Batteries

It is never more important to ensure that you have the essential power you need than when it comes to ensuring that lifesaving devises are fully powered up and ready to serve the needs of their patients.  Here at Batteryheads.com, we specialize in offering a full array of medical and biomedical battery replacement products that guarantee that the power will not go out when it is needed to power essential equipment.

  • Biomedical batteries
  • Medical batteries
  • Medical battery packs
  • Medical devices
  • Home medical equipment
  • Replacement batteries

Our batteries meet or exceed all OEM specifications, and we have developed long term relationships with our suppliers, which means better and faster service for our customers!  Additionally, you will find that our prices are not only competitive, but our savings often exceed 50% of the standard retail price that consumers pay elsewhere. With government agencies tightening their fiscal belts during these times, finding areas in which to save dollars anywhere you are able is crucial to meeting your department’s organizational goals.

Experts in the Delivery of Quality Replacement Batteries

Technical questions require technical solutions, and we have trained, knowledgeable, and qualified technicians standing by to address all of your concerns.  Additionally, we can provide assistance finding those hard-to-find battery items that you have been combing the internet for over the past three months.  We have been providing battery solutions to an array of businesses, corporations, and governmental agencies since we first opened up shop in 2006.