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QardioArm--Managing your Heart Health in a Smart Way

QardioArm is a smart blood pressure monitor that connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.  QardioArm is controlled from a free iOS app which automatically tracks your measurements and uploads them to a dedicated cloud service where the data can be shared with your family, friends or doctors.  You are always in control of your information and you decide who sees it.  Provided you give them access, your doctor will be able to view your information on their iPad or on a web app using their regular browser.  By catching unusual trends early and sharing your information with your health professional, you can take preventative action before any condition becomes serious.

The design is sleek, inspired by a bound notebook.  QardioArm works with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android phones and tablets.  A detailed device list is available on the QardioArm website.  QardioArm is powered by a set of four regular AAA batteries.qardioarm-hero-hi-res-1409589238-2J6A-column-width-inline

QardioArmphone_imageThese days, tracking health means being able to merge effortlessly into people’s lives.  QardioArm was born from cardiologists’ complaints that no available blood pressure monitor was user-friendly.

“In the market today you can either buy well-designed lifestyle products that offer only ‘lite’ data or proper medical devices that are ugly, desperately user-unfriendly and based on technologies from last century. We knew that it was possible for a device to be serious and yet beautiful and effortless,” says Rosario Iannella, CTO of Qardio.QuardioArm Key_Facts

QardioArm has also created QardioCore, a ECG belt that continually provides medical-grade monitoring of your ECG, heart rate, Heart Rate Variability, levels of physical activity, variations in body temperature, and more.

The QardioArm is available for $99 at www.getqardio.com.