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Smart Home Technology Part 1: Nest Thermostat

What if your garage door opened automatically when you pulled in the driveway?  What if the dryer could sense when you weren’t in a rush and dried the clothes at a slower, energy-saving cycle?  What if your thermostat had sensors to figure out that no one is at home then lowered the heat?

Many companies are laying the foundation for smart home systems.  At the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, manufacturers rolled out many innovative products.  Within the next few years, sales of smart energy and security systems will skyrocket.  Just like the popular wearable fitness devices and smart watches, smart home gadgets are poised for big things.

nest_thermostatThermostats control a large portion of your home’s energy.  Environmentally-conscious individuals have the option to no longer have to constantly adjust lighting and temperature settings.  Smart home solutions can optimize heating, water use and electricity for greater comfort, affordability, and of course, eco-friendliness.

Nest Thermostat uses humidity sensors, temperature sensors, activity sensors, and even uses local weather forecasts (if connected to Wi-Fi) to help you manage your energy use.

You can set it to your own schedule using the sleek, easy-to-read dial or its app.  Or allow it to automatically set a schedule based on your usage.  It even reminds you to change your furnace filter.

Nest Thermostat allows you to control your home’s temperature from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.  With the Nest Mobile app you can change the temperature, adjust your settings and schedule, and even view your energy history.

Based on some of the latest gadgets from CES 2015, Nest offers a list of What Works with Nest.

Here is a fun video from Nest.

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