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TechFuel Power Bank in Dubai

One of our customers took his TechFuel Power Bank on a trip to Dubai.

TechFuel Power Bank

Dubai2 Matt R., satisfied Batteryheads customer at Ski Dubai with his TechFuel Power Bank

"Thanks again for the Power Bank I used this so much on my trip and it would have been difficult without it."

The TechFuel PowerBank portable backup USB battery charger will provide mobile battery power for iPhone or Android phones, cellular phones, GPS, gaming consoles, MP3/MP4, iPod, iPad and any other portable electronic devices requiring 5V of power or less.

Simply connect the included USB cable to the PowerBank, then plug in your phone, iPod, iPad, or camera for on-the-go power. With two USB output ports you can charge two devices at the same time.  Kit includes multiple power tips for various models of smart phones, tablets, GPS, and portable game consoles.


The TechFuel Power Bank is ideal for travel The TechFuel Power Bank is ideal for travel
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