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Tesla Showing Similarities to Apple

TeslaApple’s incredible run as a company is something that few will ever be able to mimic. From its beginnings in revolutionizing computers that only few would need or use, to becoming a leader in the revolution of PC’s as must-have household items, to broader reaches of phones and mp3 players; Apple has revolutionized things everywhere you look.

It’s no wonder that other companies might try to mimic that kind of success. When it comes to electric vehicles, one company is far and away leading the charge in pioneering new models of cars that are becoming must-have items to a lot of car owners.  Tesla Motors, producers of all electric cars, are leaving gasoline as a thing of the past.

And while that might sound too good to be true, just remember the days when we would carry around bulky cases filled with CDs that had to be changed in and out of a portable CD player just to listen to a different artist or mix. That sounds almost primitive after a decade of carrying all the music you could ever need in a tiny iPod, no bigger than a wallet.

Perhaps that enormous shift will be in the cards for the auto industry as well.  Electric cars could be powered by all sorts of renewable energy sources and oil is only here until it’s gone. Tesla just might be on the verge of the auto industry’s equivalent to the iPod, which could change the game altogether.

Digitaltrends.com had an editorial piece in 2012 comparing much of the similarities between Tesla and Apple, all the way down to the styles of stores they have. While the editorial may be two years old, there is still some excellent insights explored in the comparison.  Beware, there is a bit of political rambling, but it is a very interesting piece about what Tesla is doing and aiming to do in the future.  Read the editorial here: http://www.digitaltrends.com/apple/is-tesla-the-next-apple/