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The Best Battery for Gaming-Video Games Day

Great batteries for video games.

Although we recently wrote about some great options for all you gamers, but we couldn't let Video Games Day go by without another shout out to the best batteries that keep you gaming on!  We love the eneloop batteries!  We just can't say enough good about them.  The make big promises and they deliver!

One happy customer said: "I used to burn through batteries on my XBOX controller. With eneloop I have new batteries charged long before I need them. No more reconnect controller warnings!  Thanks, Brandon"

To celebrate Video Games Day we are giving you 20% off all our eneloop products for ONE DAY ONLY!  Stock up, those video games are not going to play themselves.

Four AA eneloop batteries with charger can charge each battery up to 2100 times. Saves you money, not to mention mother nature.Four AA eneloop batteries hold their charge for 5 years and can be charged up to 2100 times.Save money and the environment! Buy 8 AA eneloop batteries to use less batteries by recharging them.
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