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Time to Replace your HP 695192-001 Laptop Battery?

HP Pavilion Sleekbook Laptop

If your HP Pavilion Sleekbook laptop battery is just not lasting as long, it might be time to replace it or at least to look at getting a back-up battery.  That is not always the news you want to hear, but Batteryheads is here for you!  We offer great batteries at affordable prices.  We are the exclusive distributor of TechFuel batteries so we can  guarantee our customers get a quality battery.

A few quick reviews from recent satisfied customers who bought this  same HP 695192-001 battery:

"Great battery!" by Franes

"Excellent!" by Jazmin

HP 695192-001 Laptop Battery by TechFuel

This battery replaces the  HP 695192-001, HSTNN-YB4D, VK04, 694864-851 and more. You can see a full list of compatible battery model numbers and compatible laptop model numbers, check the price and the availability in our full listing of the HP 695192-001 Battery.

If you still have questions or if you really just want to talk to one of our really nice customer service representatives you can call us at 1-888-378-6888 or send us an email. We would love to answer your questions!



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