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5 Tips to Increase Battery Life on Your iPhone for Extended Usage and Productivity

iphone batteryThe Vast Utility of Your iPhone Only Has One Ongoing and Non-Negotiable Cost: Battery Life

There is little question that, as an iPhone owner, you must love your iPhone, no matter which version you now use, and can't remember your life before and certainly can't imagine life without it now. Using it to organize your life, keep up with your friends and family, and take fantastic candid photos of once-in-a-lifetime moments, has probably streamlined your life. However, one thing that all of this streamlining leaves is a need for more iPhone battery life to support these amazing functions. Maybe you've tried some of the basic methods to increase battery life, but you still need a little extra boost at the end of the day.

Many of the tips that you will find for extending your iPhone's battery life include adjusting processes; either turning them off or turning them down. If you want to find ways to avoid constantly adjusting your iPhone's processes because, quite simply, you need them at full capacity, you can also find reliable products from respected brands that help improve battery life for your iPhone, camcorder or camera.

5 Tips to Increase Battery Life on Your iPhone for Extended Usage and Productivity

1. Not So Bright. The tip to adjust your brightness by dimming it and only using the backlight when necessary, is one of the most common pair of tips that you might come across for good reason. Quite simply, lighting your iPhone's screen eats a lot of valuable battery life. Experts recommend keeping your brightness level at 50 percent for normal operating and at between 20 to 30 percent when you are using GPS and mapping applications.

2. TechFuel Extended Capacity, Li-Polymer Battery Case for Apple iPhone 4/4s. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. In this case, thankfully, there is a simple solution with this clever battery case that you can use to boost battery life for your iPhone. In addition to helping preserve battery life, this rugged, rubberized case also protects your handy and indispensable smartphone. You can even continue using your iPhone while you store it in this battery-saving case that comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Put Siri on Hold. If you do not often use the Apple voice system, Siri, you can turn it off to help conserve battery life. And even if you do not use the voice system, which many iPhone users do not, you can turn off the "Raise to Speak" feature to save even more battery life.

4. Pull the Plug on Push Notifications. Unless you need frequent updates on your email status and whether you have received new emails, you can turn off the push notifications, switching over to "fetch." Fetching emails is more efficient since it collects your email data and delivers it to you in larger bundles less frequently throughout the day. Choose one hour intervals or manually enter even less frequency to save battery life.

5. Deal With Downloads Manually. If you purchase music or television programs or subscribe to podcasts, one or two updates can drain your iPhone quickly, so set aside time to download your regular downloads manually.

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