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Which AA or AAA Battery Should I Buy?

Which battery is best for me?

Batteryheads.com helps you understand which battery is the best battery for you to purchase for your needs and money. #batteryheads #battery

Are you confused about which batteries to purchase for your holiday toys and gadgets? Here is some helpful advice to help you get the most battery for your money.

First off, we have to say we love Energizer Lithium AA and AAA Batteries.  The batteries weigh about 1/3 less than standard alkaline batteries. These batteries last a long, long time, up to 9x longer than some batteries. They also hold their power for 20 years when not in use. They are GUARANTEED NOT TO LEAK. Due to advanced technology, lithium AA/AAA batteries will not leak under normal consumer usage. If you believe that you have a leaking Energizer lithium battery, contact Energizer at 1-800-383-7323 for return instructions.  The downside is they are more expensive, but it you need a battery to last a long time in a device, then this is your go to battery. These batteries are great in digital cameras, photo flash and GPS devices.

Energizer Industrial batteries are the same as the Energizer Batteries. They come in bulk packaging so you have less packing. You have to buy more at one time, but really with all the devices we have it is easy to go through these before they expire. These are great for toys and other electronics. They last a good amount of time and have a fairly low cost. They are available in sizes; AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and 6V lantern.

Eveready Super Heavy Duty Batteries have the best low initial cost. The Carbon Zinc batteries don't last quite as long as some of the others, but they still perform pretty well. They are an economical choice for clocks, flashlights, radios and other low drain devices.

If you are a super battery user, you may consider the Panasonic Industrial AA Batteries. This is 500-pack of AA Alkaline batteries. While it seems like a big initial investment, it does take your price per battery down to the lowest cost. These batteries last well in most household and commerical applications.

Rechargeable Batteries

Panasonic's eneloop rechargeable batteries are proving to be a great investment. While the initial cost seems high, each battery can be charged up to 2100 times, thus replacing that many alkaline batteries. What makes these even better is that they will hold 70% of its charge for 5 years. Because they hold their charge better, they are able to power almost all household devices, including digital cameras.

The Energizer Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries are also a good investment for rechargeable batteries. They can be recharged up to 1,000 times and provide 70% more power then other batteries. They have a few options for the charger including the Value Charger with the best price and the Smart Charger with a quicker charge and charging countdown.

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