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Canon ZR200 Camcorder Battery 6.3 WH 850 mAh

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Brand: TechFuel

Product Number: NB-2LA_75

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TechFuel Li-ion Rechargeable Battery for Canon ZR200 Camcorder

Replacement Battery for the Canon ZR200 Camcorder

Bring your camcorder back to life with a new TechFuel battery. Make sure you never miss another once-in-a-lifetime moment by having a new, TechFuel battery specifically designed for your Canon ZR200 camcorder. TechFuel rechargeable batteries are engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications and feature the latest battery technology, including advanced circuitry, voltage regulation, and thermal circuit protection. TechFuel's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 Certified and RoHS compliant to ensure product quality and safety. TechFuel batteries include a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee and are sold exclusively by Batteryheads. When you purchase a TechFuel battery from Batteryheads, your battery comes with TechFuel's reputation for quality and engineering excellence and Batteryheads' low price and outstanding customer service.
Weight 0.1400
UPC 887216173526
mpn TFCNN2LA_75
Compatible Brand Canon
Compatible Model ZR200
Brand TechFuel
Warranty One-year
Output Voltage 7.4
Chemistry Li-ion
Capacity (mAh) 850
Capacity (Wh) 6.3
Product Weight (g) 109
Product Weight (lb) 0.1
Length (mm) 45
Length (in) 1.8
Height (mm) 16
Height (in) 0.6
Width (mm) 33.3
Width (in) 1.3
This product is compatible with the following original manufacturer part numbers:
Canon BP-2L5 Canon BP-2L5 Canon BP-2LH
Canon BP-2LH Canon NB-2L Canon NB-2L
Canon NB-2LH Canon NB-2LH
This product works with the following models:
Canon DC301 Canon DC310 Canon DC320
Canon DC330 Canon DC410 Canon DC420
Canon 40MC Canon 50 Canon 60
Canon 65 Canon 70 Canon 80
Canon Elura 85 Canon Elura 90 Canon FV500
Canon FVM100 Canon FVM20 Canon FVM200
Canon FVM30 Canon HG10 Canon HV20
Canon HV30 Canon IVIS HF R100 Canon IVIS HF R11
Canon IXY DV3 Canon IXY DV5 Canon IXY DVM3
Canon LEGRIA HF R106 Canon LEGRIA HF R16 Canon LEGRIA HF R17
Canon LEGRIA HF R18 Canon MD100 Canon MD101
Canon MD110 Canon MD111 Canon MD120
Canon MD130 Canon MD140 Canon MD150
Canon MD160 Canon MD215 Canon MD225
Canon MD235 Canon MD245 Canon MD255
Canon MD265 Canon MV5 Canon MV5i
Canon MV5iMC Canon MV6iMC Canon MV790
Canon MV800 Canon MV800i Canon MV830
Canon MV830i Canon MV850i Canon MV880X
Canon MV880Xi Canon MV890 Canon MV900
Canon MV901 Canon MV920 Canon MV930
Canon MV940 Canon MV950 Canon MV960
Canon MVX200 Canon MVX200i Canon MVX20i
Canon MVX250i Canon MVX25i Canon MVX300
Canon MVX30i Canon MVX330i Canon MVX350i
Canon MVX35i Canon MVX40 Canon MVX40i
Canon MVX45i Canon Optura 30 Canon Optura 40
Canon Optura 400 Canon Optura 50 Canon Optura 500
Canon Optura 60 Canon VIXIA HF R10 Canon VIXIA HF R100
Canon VIXIA HF R11 Canon VIXIA HG10 Canon VIXIA HV20
Canon VIXIA HV30 Canon VIXIA HV40 Canon ZR100
Canon ZR200 Canon ZR300 Canon ZR400
Canon ZR500 Canon ZR600 Canon ZR700
Canon ZR800 Canon ZR830 Canon ZR850
Canon ZR900 Canon ZR930 Canon ZR950
Canon ZR960 Canon iVIS DC300 Canon iVIS HF R10
Canon iVIS HG10 Canon iVIS HV30

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