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Eneloop NiMH Battery Charger and 4 Rechargeable Batteries

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Brand: Panasonic

Product Number: PN-ENCHGR

Eneloop Ni-MH Battery Charger and 4 Rechargeable Batteries
Save money with the perfect, long-life, energy saving, recyclable, rechargeable battery that can replace up to 2100 batteries with just one Eneloop battery. Eneloop batteries have a low self-discharge rate so they are ready to use immediately after purchase and they keep their charge. Eneloop batteries retain 70% of its charge after 5 years and does not need periodic recharging during that time. Eneloop batteries are charged at factory with clean, renewable solar energy. The are powerful enough to power almost all your household applications without any problems, even for ones that until now have needed "special batteries." Eneloop batteries perform well at low temperatures and maintains a higher voltage level longer, making it perfect for photography as well as other applications.
Weight 0.5000
UPC 73096902145
Battery Type AA
Packaged Quantity 4
Brand Panasonic
Warranty One-year
Bulk Quantity 1
Output Voltage 1.5
Chemistry Ni-MH
Product Weight (lb) 0.5
Length (in) 0.06
Height (in) 2
Width (in) 0.5

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