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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Is Untrained CPR better than no CPR?

    Each year approximately 300,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital. Many of these people do not survive as it can take too long for EMS to get to them.  Within just 10 minutes a person will die if they do not receive help quickly enough.  People who receive CPR from a bystander in these critical few minutes are three times more likely to survive. Continue reading

  • Here are the Top Tech Gifts You've Gotta Get this 2014 Holiday Season

    Top Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays

    Everyone has a gadget-lover or tech junkie on their holiday shopping lists, so why not indulge them with the latest and greatest gadgets to make their holiday all the more memorable?

    Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years - and this year has been no exception. So if you’re not up to par on your gadgets and gizmos, don’t fret. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top tech gifts that you can surprise your friends or family members with this holiday season. Continue reading

  • 20 Tech Gift Ideas Under $25

    20 Tech Gift Ideas Under $25These fun gift ideas are sure to please the techie on your gift list. Continue reading

  • How to Revive a Dead Battery

    battery-doctor-reviveWhen a battery stops holding charge, you have two options: replace the battery, or attempt to revive it. Reviving a battery is a lot different from simply recharging it after normal use. While recharging is simply a matter of connecting it to a charger and waiting for the battery to rebuild its charge, reviving a battery is not a sure thing, and often fails. Below are some methods commonly used to revive dead batteries. Continue reading

  • QardioArm--Managing your Heart Health in a Smart Way

    QardioArm is a smart blood pressure monitor that connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.  QardioArm is controlled from a free iOS app which automatically tracks your measurements and uploads them to a dedicated cloud service where the data can be shared with your family, friends or doctors.  You are always in control of your information and you decide who sees it.  Provided you give them access, your doctor will be able to view your information on their iPad or on a web app using their regular browser.  By catching unusual trends early and sharing your information with your health professional, you can take preventative action before any condition becomes serious. Continue reading

  • Am I Doing This Right? How to Properly Recycle Batteries

    recycle batteriesIt's estimated that the average American disposes of at least 10 one-time use batteries per year. While that may not seem like a lot, consider that there are over 316 million people living in the U.S. currently. So why is this important? Because despite the strides that the major battery manufacturers have made to eliminate the majority of harmful elements and chemicals from their battery compositions, if batteries aren't disposed of properly, the consequences can still be severe. Continue reading

  • Which Tablet to Buy for the Kids

    Which Tablet Should I Buy for the KidsYour child wants a tablet, but you don’t really want to hand over your iPad to a 4 year old.  Do you have visions of a large iTunes bill racked up by your child while you are not watching, inappropriate material sneaking in, too much time screen time?  There is a wide range of tablet options for the little tech consumers, including kid-friendly units all the way to standard tablets that are easy for the kids to master.

    We’ve compiled information from PC Magazine, Consumer Reports and Laptopmag.com reports to give you advice on which tablet to buy for the kids.

    Here's the roundup: Continue reading

  • Cutting the Red Tape: Ordering Supplies When You Work for the Government

    red tape cutEvery day a host of government agencies, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, individual schools, school districts, and hospitals require goods and services; the purchase of which can’t be delayed by bureaucratic red tape.  When it comes to cutting through governmental red tape, agency managers and office assistants rely on trusted commercial partners who understand their unique needs and scheduling requirements. Here at Batteryheads.com, one of our specialties is delivering the replacement batteries that governmental agencies rely on to power all their emergency equipment. Continue reading

  • Do you Want to be a Superhero This Christmas?

    Free printable Christmas gift tag for batteries. Show how clever you are when you give this unique and practical gift. Great Christmas gift for neighbors, friends, co-workers, teens, teachers, etc. Have Enough Energy to last through the Holidays!

    Growing up across the street from a convenience store I saw my fair share of parents making a quick dash on Christmas morning to purchase those forgotten, and now overpriced batteries needed to make new Christmas toys work. Imagine the gratitude, even superhero status, friends will show you when you gift them the gift of all gifts. The gift that saves Christmas! Ok, maybe we shouldn't be that dramatic, but everyone is sure to love getting a unique and practical gift. This year we are teaming up with Energizer to make gift giving super easy and affordable for you.  Give your friends, neighbors, boss, co-worker, teen, teacher, etc.  the perfect gift--enough energy to last through the holidays!

    Continue reading

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