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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • How to Choose the Right Camera Battery

    Camera BatteryDigital cameras can be power hungry devices.  The batteries are used to power the imaging system, the LCD, the flash, and the storage system.  Newer digital cameras often have image stabilization and powerful zoom features which require even more power.  Many digital cameras can drain a set of batteries in one shooting session.

    You can save money and have good battery power for your memorable moments if you choose the right camera battery.  The best way to make certain you purchase the correct battery is to search for the part number on the battery you are trying to replace. Continue reading

  • Free Teacher Appreciation Printable

    Free printable for giving a teacher a power gift. Print tags for fun and functional gift for your favorite teacher. Great for male teachers! Power Gifts for Teacher Appreciation

    I love my kids!  I really do, but this time of year I start wondering what I am going to do with them during the l-o-n-g summer hours to keep their little brains and bodies occupied.  I also start to develop a great amount of gratitude for those amazing people that have found their calling being a teacher. Continue reading

  • Getting Started With Geocaching

    GeocachingGeocaching Basics

    There are millions of people hunting for geocaches...and millions of geocaches waiting to be found all around the world!  Geocaching has been described as a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game.  Participants (or geocachers) navigate using a GPS-enabled device (such as a smart phone) to a specific set of coordinates to find “treasure” (or geocaches).  It is a great activity for families as well as individuals or groups.  Most GPS devices only require AA or AAA batteries.

    Here are some tips from geocache expert, Elin Carlson for VIA Magazine, on how to get started. Continue reading

  • Happy Earth Day 2015

    Happy Earth Day from Batteryheads! Wednesday April 22, 2015Happy Earth Day! We think we live in a pretty great place! We want to keep it that way so we try to do our part and recycle.  We hope that this Earth Day we can encourage you to do the same.  You can drop of your batteries and cellphone at Batteryheads or you can check with  Call2Recycle to find a local drop off location near you.  Last year Call2Recycle increased the amount they recycled for the 18th year in a row, recycling nearly 12 million pounds of batteries and cellphones.   Next time you go to toss those batteries, remember it is getting easier to recycle all the time. Continue reading

  • Tips for Taking Great Graduation Pictures

    Graduation PhotosGraduations are an important life event for the participants and their families, and a cause for celebration.  This is not the day to experiment with photography techniques for the first time!  No matter what kind of camera you are using, be sure to have extra camera batteries on hand and a clear memory card before the big day arrives, so you won't miss any special moments.

    Don't simply look at a graduation as one or two stand-alone photos, but rather as an important event in your grad's life. Consider telling a story with your photos. Photos could include the actual ceremony, senior portraits, a picture or two next to the school's signage, football field or another important area from your child's school years, and maybe a few pictures by the school lockers. Continue reading

  • Manage Your Family's Screen Time with a USB Charging Station

    Boy with Tablet in Bed2 Manage kids' screen time with a USB Charging Station from Batteryheads.com

    Based on a study published in the February issue of the American Academy of Pediatrics scientific journal, Pediatrics, parents are encouraged to keep screen media out of their child’s bedroom.

    A CNN article reported on KSL.com discusses the possible impact of electronic devices in childrens' rooms:  “Sleep creep: Letting kids have smartphones in bed not smart”.

    "Alan Stephenson wants his child to go to sleep easily at night.

    And that means his son, age 11, can't take his Kindle or other electronic devices upstairs, where their bedrooms are located.

    "Upstairs are bedrooms only, which I want to remain tranquil and quiet, so our rule is no screens upstairs," says Stephenson, of Maplewood, New Jersey. "Thus, no confusion. When he goes upstairs, it's time to sleep."

    Stephenson may be onto something.

    Children who sleep with smart phones or other "small screens" in their bedrooms reported sleeping less during the week compared to children without the devices in their rooms, according to a study in the February issue of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics scientific journal.

    Sleep is important to children's well-being in a multitude of ways. Continue reading

  • When to Replace Medical Device Batteries

    Batteries are a big part of our lives.  They power our electronics, our fitness trackers, and our cars.

    When you think of batteries you may not immediately think of hospitals, but batteries are a big part of modern hospitals and their medical equipment.  Hospitals are full of life support machines, vital signs monitors, tonometers, defibrillators, medicine carts, hospital beds, infusion pumps, scales, thermometers, imaging systems, cardiac monitoring, doctor’s pagers, and many more.  With numerous devices becoming more mobile, batteries keep them running.

    MK12-12To keep the multitude of devices running and maintain safe operation of equipment, biomedical technicians keep track of the many types of batteries.   In fact, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has identified battery management as one of the top 10 challenges for hospital's biomedical departments.1 Continue reading

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