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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • GoPro: A Great Thing in a Tiny Package

    Photo Courtesy of GoPro.com website Photo Courtesy of GoPro.com website

    Let's GoPro!

    In our digital world where your smart phone can take high quality pictures and videos, it may be almost an afterthought to own an actual camera or camcorder.  Enter the GoPro.

    What separates GoPro from other action video cameras is that all along, GoPro has sold consumers not on the camera, itself, but on something the smartphone can’t easily replace: the experience of using the camera.  GoPro cameras are high-definition quality video recording devices that are also waterproof and shockproof.  They are small and compact but provide amazingly clear video results.

    With cool features like burst mode (where holding down the shutter button lets you snap up to 30 photos in a single burst) and time-lapse photography, GoPro can take your picture taking to a whole new level.

    Wired.com shared a great article about Why GoPro’s Success Isn’t Really About The Cameras  "They don’t just sell a video camera, they sell the memory of the wave or the ski trip down the slope,” says Ben Arnold, a consumer technology industry analyst at The NPD Group. “I think we are entering an age where lifestyle in technology is becoming very important."

    That’s the reason, Arnold says, that brands like Beats and FitBit have done so well. They say something about the people who wear them. The iPhone might have been a status symbol when it was first introduced. Now, it’s a utility that says as much about its owner as the fact that she is wearing shoes. But when you see someone with one of those GoPro Hero 3 cameras strapped to her chest, it’s a signal to the world that she is about to do something awesome."

    Batteryheads.com offers high quality rechargeable replacement batteries and battery chargers for the GoPro Hero 1, Hero 2, and Hero 3 at affordable prices with excellent customer service.

  • TechFuel Power Bank in Dubai

    One of our customers took his TechFuel Power Bank on a trip to Dubai.

    TechFuel Power Bank

    Dubai2 Matt R., satisfied Batteryheads customer at Ski Dubai with his TechFuel Power Bank

    "Thanks again for the Power Bank I used this so much on my trip and it would have been difficult without it."

    The TechFuel PowerBank portable backup USB battery charger will provide mobile battery power for iPhone or Android phones, cellular phones, GPS, gaming consoles, MP3/MP4, iPod, iPad and any other portable electronic devices requiring 5V of power or less. Continue reading

  • Standard or Extended? Which Battery is Best for my Dell Inspiron 14R or 15R?

    Replacement Dell Inspiron 14R, 15R, N4110, N5030, N5110 and J1KND BatteryStandard or Extended Capacity Battery for the Dell Inspiron?

    What does standard or expanded mean when replacing the battery for my Dell Inspiron 14R, 15R, N4110, N5030, N5110, or J1KND laptop? Do milliamp or mAh really matter? Why is one battery bigger?

    A standard battery usually has specifications very similar to the battery that originally came in your laptop.  The fit will be the same and the laptop battery will fit flush with the bottom and back of the laptop.

    Extended batteries have more cells and more capacity.  Because they have more power there needs to be a place to put that power.  Currently, this battery has added that space by placing it below the original battery shape.  This battery will raise your laptop about 3/4 inch with two rubber feet added to increase stability.

    Milliamp Hours or mAh will help you compare how long your battery will last per charge cycle.  So a battery that is 4400 mAh will last half as long as a battery that is 8800 mAh.  Currently our standard batteries to replace the Dell Inspiron 14R, 15R and 17R are 4400 mAh and our extended batteries are 6600 mAh. So the extend battery will last about 1.5 times as long as the standard battery.

    Which Battery Should YOU Buy?

    Standard Battery You will want to purchase the standard battery if you have limited space in a travel bag.  You may also prefer not to have your laptop keyboard raised. If you are packing your battery, but have opportunity to recharge more frequently you may want the standard battery to keep the weight down a little.

    Extended Battery You will want to purchase the extended battery if you need your laptop to have a longer run time.  If you are having issues with your laptop overheating you may prefer the extended battery so that it will raise the laptop off of the working surface and allow for better circulation.

    You can see the current specifications for the Dell Inspiron 14R, 15R, N4110, N5030, N5110, J1KND and other model numbers at Batteryheads.com by typing your laptop model number or battery part number in the search box. Click here to purchase the Standard Battery  or the Extended Battery for the Dell Inspiron featured.

    Peace of MindReplace your Dell Inspiron 14R or 15R battery. Find out why you have options and which battery will last longer. #batteryheads

    The best way to search for a replacement battery is to search for the specific laptop model number or to remove your battery and search by the part number listed on the battery.  If you have a question you can contact us directly and we will be happy to help you make sure that your new battery will fit your laptop and answer any other questions you may have.  Call toll free Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm Mountain Standard Time 1-888-378-6888 or Live Chat is available at the same times.  You can also email support@batteryheads.com and we will email you back to answer your questions.

  • Convertible Laptops: Best of the Hybrid Laptops for 2015

    Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga (photo courtesy of Amazon.com)

    You may have seen someone using one of these and wondered if it was a laptop or a tablet.  It is both...enter the hybrid laptop.  Also known as the convertible laptop, these devices can function as both a tablet and a laptop. Their design allows them to be detachable where the touchscreen functions as the tablet or the hinge can rotate full-circle.  The technology has been evolving and these devices are becoming more successful and popular. Continue reading

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