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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Photo A Day Challenge Improves Your Photography

    With the new year about to begin, make a New Year’s Resolution to kickstart your photography skills.   Set a goal of taking at least one photo every single day of the year – beginning with a Photo A Day January project – starting on January 1. Taking a daily photo will help improve your photography skills and capture beautiful memories of your family and your world.

    Why Participate in a Photo A Day Challenge?

    A photo helps you remember. The emotions that a photograph reminds you of can be amazing. Photography connects us to our past and helps preserve memories without words. Photography can help you see the world differently. It is a hobby you can start learning at any stage of life and the value of a photograph always increases with time.

    Photography is a popular hobby, but there are times when your creativity may dim and the inspiration dries up. A photo a day keeps the staleness away. Stagnation and boredom with a hobby like photography is a killer.

    Not only will this make you more enthusiastic, but will increase your photography skills. Practice makes progress! Shooting a daily image could, in fact, turn into a form of photo journal in which you document your life over the year.

    Check back here each month for a new Photo A Day inspiration sheet.

    Photo a Day January

    Photo a Day January Challenge to take your photography to a whole new level.

  • Voyager Lift Battery Tips

    A new Voyager Lift Battery can deliver power to your Voyager Lift and allow you to make as many transfers as you need.

    Voyager Lift Battery Tips

    Voyager Lift Battery from Batteryheads.com
    • Consider having an extra Voyager Lift Battery. Use one in the lift while the other remains in the charger so you will never be without the power you need.
    • The Voyager Lift Battery from Batteryheads will provide 10 to 30 transfers per battery charge. This may vary depending on user weight and battery condition.
    • The Voyager Guardian Lift uses sealed lead-acid batteries. Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, these batteries do not have memory effect. They can be charged at any time.
    • Do not completely drain your Voyager Lift battery before recharging.
    • Eject the battery from the lift unit by using the battery eject button.  Keep your hand near the opening to catch the battery. A dropped battery may have internal damage that is not visible and may lose its ability to recharge. You should replace the battery if it has been dropped.
    • Replace your battery if there is a noticeable reduction in the number of transfers that can be performed between charges.
    • The life cycle (number of charging cycles) of the battery is largely dependent on the depth of discharge in each cycle. The deeper the battery is drained, the shorter the battery life. To prolong the battery life, put the battery into the charger whenever the lift is not in use. The battery will not over-charge.
    • Do not store the battery near a heat source.  Extreme temperatures will damage the battery.
    • Always keep the metal battery contacts clean.
    • Inspect the battery before placing it in the Voyager Lift. If the battery has any visible damage, do not use.  Replace the Voyager Lift Battery immediately.

    To replace a battery, or to purchase an additional battery, contact Batteryheads at 888-378-6888 or order your Voyager Portable Lift Replacement Battery online at Batteryheads.com.

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