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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • May Photo A Day: Free Printable

    Looking for more photo prompts?  Here is your May Photo A Day inspiration sheet.

    Hop on board any time!  Start back at the beginning or just begin in the middle.  The Photo A Day inspiration sheets are a way to give you ideas for your picture taking adventures.

    Sometimes it may be difficult to find something you want to take a picture of on the specific day.  Give it a shot and you may surprise yourself with how good it turns out.  Practice may not make you perfect, but it will make you a better photographer!

    May Photo A Day Inspiration Sheet: Free Printable from Batteryheads.com

    May Photo A Day Inspiration Sheet: Free Printable {PDF}

  • GE MAC 5500 Resting ECG System Battery

    MAC 5500 Resting ECG System Battery from Batteryheads.com image courtesy of GE Healthcare.com

    The innovative MAC 5500 Resting ECG System is a premier ECG system from GE Healthcare. Recording the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time, the MAC 5500 can be powered by AC power and a user replaceable battery available from Batteryheads.com.

    The rechargeable NiMH battery is a 18V, 3.5Ah battery with a typical capacity for 100 single page reports or 6 hrs. continuous display without printing.  Typical charge time is approximately 4.5 hours from total discharge with the display off.

    GE - Marquette Medical Systems MAC 5000, MAC 5500, MAC 5500 HD, MAC PAC, MAC Stress Battery Continue reading
  • Canon PowerShot S110 Review

    Canon PowerShot S110 image courtesy of Canon.com

    Canon PowerShot S110 users say it is an easily portable camera when you don't want to carry your heavy DSLR.  At under $400, the PowerShot S110 has a 12.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor with a 5X zoom.  While small and easy to use, it is full of state of the art features including a wifi feature to upload photos right to your phone or computer.

    It takes great pictures in low light and is an excellent choice for someone who wants a high quality compact camera instead of just using a cell phone camera.  Lightweight and small, it will fit easily in a pocket or purse.  With a dedicated movie button, the PowerShot S110 will take beautiful 1080p full HD video.  Many users indicate that they use the video feature to make videos for their YouTube channels.

    Canon PowerShot S110 Battery

    The Canon PowerShot S110 and the Canon PowerShot S100 require the NB-5L rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.  The NB-5L battery is easily rechargeable with a travel battery charger or desktop battery charger from Batteryheads.com.  It is also suggested that you have an extra battery and a charger, as the battery life has not been a strong point with the S110 or the S100. Continue reading

  • Best Laptops for College Freshmen

    Best laptops for college freshmenWith high school graduation just around the corner, many parents are thinking ahead to what their child may need to begin college this fall.  Laptop computers are a popular graduation gift that the child can use when they begin college in the fall.  But, which are the best laptops for college freshmen?

    We've rounded up suggestions and reviews from some of the top review sites.

    How to choose the best laptop for your college freshman

    Laptopmag (a division of Tom's Guide) has excellent advice in Laptop Buying Guide: 8 Essential Tips.  They outline several steps, including selecting a platform, choosing the right size and physical configuration, branding, specs, and battery life.  In an additional article, Laptop Buying Tips for Students, they suggest looking for a battery that will power your laptop for at least 6 hours.  You may also enjoy reading Extending the Life of your Laptop Battery.

    Best Laptops for College Freshmen: Reviews

    10 Best Laptops for Students 2016 from Techradar includes several models and brands starting at under $300.

    PCMag discusses the pros and cons of Chromebooks, as well as machines for gaming (not exactly what you may expect of your college freshman), hybrid laptops, and mainstream laptop models.  Their article, The 10 Best Laptops of 2016, is worth checking out.

    Finally, Laptopmag.com has another great article entitled, Best College Laptops 2016.  Their overall suggestion for the best laptop for college is the Apple MacBook Air 13-inch.  They also offer their recommendations for the best laptops for science students, computer science students, and business students; as well as engineering and art/design students.

    What About Refurbished Laptops?

    If you choose to purchase a refurbished laptop, be sure to replace the battery with a new one for the best performance.  PCAdvisor offers good advice with Should I Purchase a Refurbished Laptop?.  Consumer Reports also offers tips in Should You Buy Refurbished Electronics?

    With so many laptop options available, it pays to do your homework.  This suggestion applies when purchasing your college student a laptop as well as being good advice for your college freshman!

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