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  • Tips to Prolong the Life of Your UPS Battery

    Increase the Life of Your UPS Battery

    Tips to prolong the life of your uninterruptible power supply-UPS battery Single Server

    The typical lifespan of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery is 3 to 5 years. This silent hardware is found in server rooms everywhere protecting data centers from electrical interruption downtime.

    The type of load and conditions that the UPS battery has been put under will make a difference in how long it will continue to optimally perform. If the charge stays above 80% their lifetime and it doesn't experience many full drains, you can expect that they will last closer to the 4 to 5-year time frame.

    If you have lost all power for extended periods of time, and the battery has had to empty to compensate for that, it may be a good idea to replace the unit after 3 years.

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  • Tips for Great Spring Break Pictures

    Make the most of your pictures during this Spring Break.

    Tips for taking great spring break pictures from Batteryheads.com Bring both cameras

    Sure, your smart phone camera works great most of the time, but you may want to have a good quality photo that you can print out. Having a digital SLR will make for higher quality images.

    Make sure your camera has lots of storage space on the memory card.  If you bring along a spare memory card and a spare battery, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space on your camera and have to delete pictures to make room for new ones.  Remember to bring along your camera battery charger if you don’t have a spare battery.Tips for Taking Great Spring Break Pictures from Batteryheads.com

    Visit Batteryheads.com to pick up a new battery for your camera or a battery charger.  We have what you need and our friendly and knowledgeable customer service department can help you find the right battery or charger for your camera, and at a great price too! Continue reading

  • Quality Replacement Laptop Batteries: Part 2

    You get what you pay for with replacement batteries.

    Last week we addressed the topic of whether a replacement laptop battery was as good or better than one from the laptop manufacturer.  When you need a replacement battery, it is always wise to buy one that meets or exceeds the manufacturer's original specifications.

    What to look for in a replacement laptop battery.What to look for in a replacement battery. High quality replacement batteries from Batteryheads.com

    When shopping for a high quality battery, be sure to look at the following areas: Continue reading

  • Point and Shoot Photography Tips for Beginners

    Tips to get the most out of your snapshots with your point and shoot camera.

    Point and Shoot Photography Tips

    Point and shoot cameras are sometimes called compact cameras.  These cameras mostly use auto-focus for focusing and automatic systems for setting exposure options.  The camera usually has a built in flash.  Point and shoot cameras are popular with people who don’t consider themselves photographers. These easy-to-use camera are often used for snapshots of vacations, parties and other events where a larger DSLR may be more difficult to carry around.

    That being said, if you have a camera of any sort {film, digital, phone} and care about taking quality pictures, then you are a photographer!

    Tips for getting the most out of your Point and Shoot Camera Continue reading

  • Motivational Quote: Words for Wednesday

    Fear of not being enough or having enough means that you never will.
  • Photo A Day Challenge Improves Your Photography

    With the new year about to begin, make a New Year’s Resolution to kickstart your photography skills.   Set a goal of taking at least one photo every single day of the year – beginning with a Photo A Day January project – starting on January 1. Taking a daily photo will help improve your photography skills and capture beautiful memories of your family and your world.

    Why Participate in a Photo A Day Challenge?

    A photo helps you remember. The emotions that a photograph reminds you of can be amazing. Photography connects us to our past and helps preserve memories without words. Photography can help you see the world differently. It is a hobby you can start learning at any stage of life and the value of a photograph always increases with time.

    Photography is a popular hobby, but there are times when your creativity may dim and the inspiration dries up. A photo a day keeps the staleness away. Stagnation and boredom with a hobby like photography is a killer.

    Not only will this make you more enthusiastic, but will increase your photography skills. Practice makes progress! Shooting a daily image could, in fact, turn into a form of photo journal in which you document your life over the year.

    Check back here each month for a new Photo A Day inspiration sheet.

    Photo a Day January

    Photo a Day January Challenge to take your photography to a whole new level.

  • Powering the Nikon D80

    Nikon D80While Nikon has discontinued the D80 and replaced it with the Nikon D90, you may still love your D80 and want to keep using it. Powering a discontinued camera model may pose some problems.  The D80 and the newer version, D90, are both powered by the EN-EL3e li-ion battery pack.

    Batteryheads carries the TechFuel brand version of the EN-EL3e and the battery charger at great prices.  You can continue to power your camera, even if the manufacturer has replaced it with a newer version.

    Don't get caught without power. Consider having more than one battery available in your camera bag. Having a second battery handy means you can decide when you're finished shooting. For long trips or long photo shoots, make sure to take an extra battery along.

    TechFuel brand products are manufactured exclusively for Batteryheads.com and will meet or exceed the original manufacturers specifications. All Batteryheads products come with a 30-day hassle-free return policy as well as a 1-year replacement warranty.

  • Tips for how to take better fireworks photos this 4th of July

    how to take better fireworks photos this (1)

    Take better fireworks photos.

    Autumn from Its Always Autumn.com has a great site with lots of photo tutorials. She shares some excellent tips for how to take better firework photos as you celebrate the 4th of July.  Read her full post here.

    In addition to using your camera's fireworks settings, she suggests using a tripod and a slower shutter speed.  Also included are tips on how to use your phone camera to take some better photos of the firework display.

    Some other sites with good tips for taking better firework photos at your holiday celebration are:


    Happy 4th of July!

  • How to Choose the Right Camera Battery

    Camera BatteryDigital cameras can be power hungry devices.  The batteries are used to power the imaging system, the LCD, the flash, and the storage system.  Newer digital cameras often have image stabilization and powerful zoom features which require even more power.  Many digital cameras can drain a set of batteries in one shooting session.

    You can save money and have good battery power for your memorable moments if you choose the right camera battery.  The best way to make certain you purchase the correct battery is to search for the part number on the battery you are trying to replace. Continue reading

  • Tips for Taking Great Graduation Pictures

    Graduation PhotosGraduations are an important life event for the participants and their families, and a cause for celebration.  This is not the day to experiment with photography techniques for the first time!  No matter what kind of camera you are using, be sure to have extra camera batteries on hand and a clear memory card before the big day arrives, so you won't miss any special moments.

    Don't simply look at a graduation as one or two stand-alone photos, but rather as an important event in your grad's life. Consider telling a story with your photos. Photos could include the actual ceremony, senior portraits, a picture or two next to the school's signage, football field or another important area from your child's school years, and maybe a few pictures by the school lockers. Continue reading

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