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  • Do you Hate Your Smart Phone Battery?

    PowerBank by TechFuel will charge your smart phone on the go to keep you texting, talking and surfing longer.

    It seems like everyone has a smart phone these days, but if you are like most people, you are probably finding that the more you love your phone, the more you hate your battery.  You start out each morning with full power and by noon you are rationing use so you can make it home with some battery life.  In a survey by Scientific American the results say you are not alone in this love-hate relationship. Continue reading

  • 2015: Less and More

    2015-Less and More
  • Technologies That Changed Everything

    Technologies 4-12-12Can you imagine living life without a remote control? Muting the TV to take a phone call? Get up and turn the volume down. Bored with what you are watching? Get up to change the channel.

    That’s just one example of a technological revolution that changed everything. Countless other technological areas can trace their roots back to one single, revolutionary product that upped the ante on everyone in that industry. What set different industry standards over the years?  Wondering how things may have evolved without certain products?

    Let's look back to how things were once upon a time, and how some of yesteryear’s most revolutionary gizmos are technological dinosaurs by today’s standards. Continue reading

  • Extending the Life of your Laptop Battery

    Tips for extending the life of your laptop batteryA few tips on extending the life of your laptop battery.

    Don’t run it all the way to empty

    While it’s often suggested that a full cycle of power is good for a new battery when it is first in use, doing this often throughout the battery’s life can be detrimental to its longevity.

    Keep the temperature down

    Excessive heat wears on a battery and will shorten its lifespan. Keeping the vents and cooling systems clear on a laptop can help manage the temperature of a battery and, in turn, extend the life.

    Be Efficient with your Operating System

    Optimize your operating system by only running programs that are essential to your current tasks, or that are running in the background. Close all other programs. Empty the trash regularly, and delete unused programs and files. Check for viruses and malware regularly, since these can bog down your operating system and use up battery life.

    Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

    Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for charging and recharging the batteries contained in your laptop. Batteries have charging times, particularly for the initial use, which should be followed for the best operation of the laptop.

    Unplug Extra Devices

    USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi devices connected to a laptop can quickly drain battery power. If you aren’t using these with your current operation, disconnect them.

    When using AC Power, Disconnect

    If your laptop is going to be staying put for a while, disconnect the battery and rely on AC power alone.  This can give the battery a much-needed rest. Be sure that your computer is completely shut down before removing the battery. Removing the battery while the system is running can have damaging effects.

    Empty the Drives

    Remove any CDs or DVDs from drives. A drive that is continuously spinning without being used will also drain battery power.

    Adjust Backlighting

    Brighter lights use more power so consider dimming the lights of the screen. If you can set the the brightness of your screen to the lowest setting as possible, but still comfortable for your use, it will save on battery power.

    Plug in for Multimedia Use

    Multimedia activity will drain battery power. Watching videos, either online or in the DVD drive, drastically drains battery power. If you’re going to watch a long movie, it’s best to plug the computer in if possible.

    Close It When Not in Use

    If you are not using the laptop, close it. Conserve battery power when the screen is not being lit and programs aren’t running. Leaving your laptop open when not in use can quickly drain resources, since programs are still running and the the laptop is not hibernating. The screen saver will also appear, draining resources.

    Keep it Updated

    Make sure updates are consistently downloaded and maintained. Often, new drivers and software are designed to become increasingly efficient. By increasing efficiency, there is usually less of a drain on power resources.

    Read more tips on laptop batteries here.

  • Which AA or AAA Battery Should I Buy?

    Which battery is best for me?

    Batteryheads.com helps you understand which battery is the best battery for you to purchase for your needs and money. #batteryheads #battery

    Are you confused about which batteries to purchase for your holiday toys and gadgets? Here is some helpful advice to help you get the most battery for your money.

    Continue reading

  • Why Do Batteries Die?

    dead batteryWe become accustomed conserving battery life the best we can with the gadgets we use.  Why do those batteries drain? Obviously gadgets use energy, and the energy in batteries isn’t limitless, but what about the actual process of battery drain. Continue reading

  • 3 Steps to Better Laptop Battery Life

    Three steps to better battery life 4-12-12 laptop-300x240You are typing away in a meeting or in a classroom when you notice that your laptop is nearly out of juice.  Maybe you forgot your power adapter or maybe there isn't an available outlet. But your battery power is dwindling, and you still have stuff to get done.  Why doesn't the battery last as long as it used to?Here are some tips for laptop owners. Continue reading

  • Traveling for the Holidays? Here's a Checklist of All the Essentials You'll Need


    During the holiday season, the United States Department of Transportation estimates that long-distance travel increases by 54 percent when compared to other times of the year. And if you’re among the traveling crowd during the holiday season, then you already know that you’ve got one more list to make – and check twice. Yes, in addition to your shopping list, there’s also your packing list!

    We trust that you’ve got your everyday clothes and toiletries already on this packing checklist, but here are some of the essentials that you’re certain to need that may not have crossed your mind: Continue reading

  • Replacement Battery for Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

    Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

    Looking for a replacement battery for an Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop? Are you worried about the battery fitting in your Inspiron 1525?

    At Batteryheads we offer TechFuel brand lithium-ion replacement batteries for the Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop.  Our TechFuel Inspiron 1525 replacement battery will fit into the following Dell laptop models:

    • Dell Inspiron 1525
    • Dell Inspiron 1526
    • Dell Inspiron 1545
    • Dell Inspiron 1546
    • Dell Vostro 500
    Dell INSP1525 replacement battery

    Batteryheads has been selling the TechFuel Inspiron 1525 replacement battery since 2008 and this battery is one of our top sellers.  It is an extremely stable battery with very few reported problems, but in case you are not satisfied, we have a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

    Our TechFuel Inspiron 1525 replacement battery is a 6-cell, 4400mAh capacity battery.  The dimensions of this battery are as follows: Weight 0.66 pounds, Length 8.1 inches, Height 0.9 inches, and Width 2.2 inches.

    We no longer offer the 9-cell extended capacity battery as the Inspiron 1525 (and other compatible Inspiron laptop models) are slender laptops and the 9 cell batteries are thicker and will protrude from the back of the laptop.  We have found that our customers prefer a replacement battery that fits flush with the base of the laptop.

    Our TechFuel replacement battery will replace the following original Dell battery part numbers:

    •         DELL  312-0625
    •         DELL  312-0633
    •         DELL  312-0763
    •         DELL  451-10478
    •         DELL  451-10533
    •         DELL  C601H
    •         DELL  D608H
    •         DELL  GW240
    •         DELL  HP297
    •         DELL  M911G
    •         DELL  RN873
    •         DELL  X284G
    •         DELL  XR693


    We are often asked about the run time of our batteries.  You should get approximately 2 to 3 hours of run time with this standard capacity 6 cell battery, however it is important to remember that the run time will vary depending upon LCD Brightness and other factors not related to the battery such as: features used, battery age & condition, charging habits, the varying temperatures the battery is exposed to, amount of time on standby and actual use time.  Using programs that draw a lot of energy such as adding charts and graphs to a document or watching a movie, will diminish the run time of your battery.

  • Emergency Preparedness for Your Business

    Be ReadyYour employees, students, and community are counting on you to be prepared.  Is your business or organization ready for an emergency?

    The American Red Cross has designed Ready Rating to help leaders who think ahead and plan for their businesses, organizations and schools in order to be better prepared for emergencies.  It is a free, self-paced program.  After joining (remember it is free!) you will complete a 123-point self-assessment of your level of preparedness.  This may show areas where there can be improvement.  The Red Cross offers tips, tools, and suggestions to help you be ready to face and respond to potential emergencies.

    Preparing for a possible power outage, chemical emergency, earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, or terrorism can be an overwhelming prospect.  Ready Rating has been designed to help you when “What If?” becomes “What Now?”

    Other Helpful Resources:

    ReadyPrepare My Business

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