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  • Replacement Battery for GE Datex-Ohmeda Cardiocap/5

    Replacement Battery for the Cardiocap/5

    The GE Datex-Ohmeda Cardiocap/5 Anesthesia Monitor replacement medical battery from Batteryheads.com is brand new with a maintenance-free design. It comes with a one-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship and is guaranteed to fit your Cardiocap/5 Anesthesia Monitor.

    Replacement battery for GE Datex-Ohmeda Cardiocap/5 anesthesia monitor

    The 12V, 2.6AH, sealed-lead acid battery provides back-up power in sudden power-down situations. Back-up power will run for at least 15 minutes when fully charged. Typical full charging time is 5 hours. The green battery charge status LED is ON when the battery is fully charged, on the holding voltage. The LED will flash when the battery is being charged. The battery is charged whenever VDD (voltage drain drain) is present. This battery is typically replaced every 5 years, or sooner if battery is failing.

    To check the back-up battery:

    Message: Back-up batt. Failure.

    Cause: Discharged or faulty back-up battery.

    Action to Take: Use main power for four hours, then switch to battery power. If the message reappears, replace the battery.

    Disconnect the power cord (without switching the monitor to standby). Check that the monitor continues to run normally on battery power. The battery indicator should appear in the upper right corner of the screen:Battery indicatorReconnect the power cord and check that during charging, the charging symbol is displayed and the battery charge status LED starts flashing:Battery charge status LED

    About the Cardiocap/5:

    GE Datex-Ohmeda Cardiocap/5 Anesthesia MonitorThe Cardiocap/5 is a compact, all-in-one monitor designed for use in the operating room, ambulatory surgery unit, induction room and PACU. The Cardiocap/5 offers full vital signs monitoring capabilities from the monitoring of oxygenation and circulation to advanced airway gas analysis and ventilation measurement with Patient Spirometry.

    The networking options of the Cardiocap/5 extend the capabilities to centralized monitoring and arrhythmia analysis.

    The Cardiocap/5 has an outstanding user interface, the trademark of all GE Healthcare monitors, making it easy use, easy to learn and the perfect partner for any anesthesia machine.


    Acquired by General Electric in 2003, Datex-Ohmeda was known as one of the premier medical equipment companies worldwide, offering some of the finest technology available to healthcare professionals.

    Questions and Answers:

    MedWrench, a medical product support network, has a community forum with questions and answers about the Cardiocap/5.  Find the thread here.

  • February Photo A Day: Free Printable

    February Photo A Day Challenge {Free Printable}

    How is your daily photo habit going?  Is your practice showing progress?  Keep shooting a daily photo using the printable motivation sheet for February Photo A Day and continue to improve your creativity and document your life for 2016.  With an extra day this month, LEAP DAY, find a fun way to take a photo that expresses the joy of a leap!

    Leap Day 2016

    If you get behind, just start again...or catch up if you want to!  Beauty and inspiration are everywhere.  Taking pictures helps you hang on to your memories just a bit longer.

    Whether it appeals to your heart or to your head, take the picture.  The idea sheets just give you a place to begin.

    Check back here next month for a new Photo A Day inspiration sheet for March.

    February Photo a Day Free Printable

    February Photo a Day

  • Replacement Battery for Impact Medical 754 Eagle Uni-Vent Ventilator

    Batteryheads offers a high quality replacement battery for the Impact Medical 754 Eagle Uni-Vent Ventilator OEM part 704-0754-01.


    This sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the quality and performance of the original battery provided by the medical device manufacturer. The battery has an output voltage of 12.0V and a rated capacity of 5.0Ah.  It weighs just 4.5 pounds and measures 5.52 inches in length and 1.85 inches in width.

    In order to have the battery as fresh as possible for our customers, the battery (our part number LIF11152) will be manufactured at the time of your order.  It will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days.  This ensures that the battery will be brand new and not one that has been sitting on a shelf waiting for you to order it. Continue reading

  • Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Reviews

    The Nikon D3300 is the #1 best seller in Digital SLR cameras on Amazon.com.

    Nikon D3300 Digital SLR image courtesy of Nikon.com

    Nikon has a popular entry-level DSLR line and the Nikon D3300 is part of that series. It is billed as the friendliest of beginner-friendly DSLRs.  Reviewers say that the D3300 is an excellent upgrade from a point-and-shoot for those new to DSLR cameras.

    The Nikon D3300 has some of the best low light and best picture quality of mid level DSLR cameras. While not quite as good at high ISO settings, overall the D3300 snapped very beautiful, sharp images at 24 megapixels.

    Continue reading
  • Motivational Quote: Words for Wednesday

    When nothing goes right, go left
  • Point and Shoot Photography Tips for Beginners

    Tips to get the most out of your snapshots with your point and shoot camera.

    Point and Shoot Photography Tips

    Point and shoot cameras are sometimes called compact cameras.  These cameras mostly use auto-focus for focusing and automatic systems for setting exposure options.  The camera usually has a built in flash.  Point and shoot cameras are popular with people who don’t consider themselves photographers. These easy-to-use camera are often used for snapshots of vacations, parties and other events where a larger DSLR may be more difficult to carry around.

    That being said, if you have a camera of any sort {film, digital, phone} and care about taking quality pictures, then you are a photographer!

    Tips for getting the most out of your Point and Shoot Camera Continue reading

  • Motivational Quote: Words for Wednesday

    Fear of not being enough or having enough means that you never will.
  • Nonin Medical 7500 Pulse Oximeter Replacement Battery

    Pulse oximeters are non-invasive devices used to measure a patient's blood-oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. Nonin Medical’s pulse oximeters and sensors provide proven accuracy in the widest range of patients, settings and conditions.

    Batteryheads is pleased to offer a replacement battery for the Nonin Medical 7500 Pulse Oximeter.

    Nonin Medical 7500 Pulse Oximeter Replacement Battery from Batteryheads Continue reading
  • Should I Buy A Travel Charger or Desktop Charger?

    What is the difference between a TechFuel Travel Charger and a TechFuel Desktop Charger?

    Batteryheads sells great replacements for your original camera battery charger.  Whether you are in the market for a travel charger for your camera/camcorder battery or a desktop battery charger, TechFuel products meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specification and are engineered to fit and work with today’s portable consumer and professional electronic equipment.

    Travel charger by TechFuel TechFuel Travel Battery Charger

    TechFuel travel battery chargers are small and compact and fit nicely in your camera bag.  The AC prongs on the back of the charger fold in to prevent scratching on equipment or catching on the bag.  The AC prongs easily fold out to be inserted into a wall outlet for charging the battery. Continue reading

  • Toshiba Satellite C55 Laptop Battery

    Free shipping on the long-lasting Toshiba Satellite C55 Laptop Battery at Batteryheads.com

    Battery not holding a charge as long as you like?  Revive the power to your Toshiba Satellite C55 laptop with a new TechFuel laptop battery.  TechFuel replacement batteries meet or exceed the original manufacturer models at a competitive price.

    Toshiba Satellite C55 Laptop BatteryOur SAT-C850 (6 cell) or extended-capacity SAT-C850E (9 cell) will replace the Toshiba PA5024U-1BRS and PA5109U-1BRS batteries and save you money in the process.  For a full list of compatible laptop model numbers, visit our Toshiba Satellite C55 page and click on the "compatible models" tab.  Extended batteries offer longer battery life, but because they have additional cells, they are a thicker battery that will extend slightly from the battery bay. Continue reading

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