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  • Winning Cameras at World Press Photo 2016

    World Press Photo announced the winners of its 2016 contest on February 18, 2016.  Photojournalism's biggest prize honors the best news photos captured in 2015.Canon EOS 5D Mark III winner at World Press Photo 2016

    This form of journalism uses images alone to tell a news story.  In a world where a picture is said to be worth 1,000 words, the unbiased photograph can capture the essence of the news story.  The best photojournalists are able to convey the truth of a news report through a single, powerful photograph.

    Ranging from issues, to stories, to daily life, nature, sports, and news, the World Press Photo awards honor the photojournalists and the power of photography. Continue reading

  • Battery Power for Drone and RC Transmitters

    Drone Sales Surge in 2015

    The Consumer Electronics Association reports that drone sales were expected to spike over $103 million in 2015, as noted by U.S. News & World Report.  While drones are all the rage, battery power for drone and remote-control device transmitters is often overlooked.  The transmitters usually run on standard alkaline batteries.  Often the batteries run out after just a few hours of transmitter usage.

    A great choice for powering the RC transmitters is rechargeable batteries.  The Panasonic eneloop batteries, sold by Batteryheads, deliver advanced, individual cell charging capabilities.  Batteries can be purchased in packs either with or without a battery charger.

    Eneloop rechargeable batteries. Battery power for drone and RC transmitters. eneloop rechargeable batteries

    Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries with charger. Battery power for drone and RC transmitters. eneloop rechargeable AA batteries with charger

    The advanced AC charger is designed to charge the battery cells individually. This allows you to completely charge fully discharged cells or just "top off" the charge of AA or AAA cells that are only partially drained.  By not throwing away used AA batteries so often, you are saving money.  Another advantage is having charged batteries ready to use when your other batteries run out of power.

    Continue reading
  • Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Reviews

    The Nikon D3300 is the #1 best seller in Digital SLR cameras on Amazon.com.

    Nikon D3300 Digital SLR image courtesy of Nikon.com

    Nikon has a popular entry-level DSLR line and the Nikon D3300 is part of that series. It is billed as the friendliest of beginner-friendly DSLRs.  Reviewers say that the D3300 is an excellent upgrade from a point-and-shoot for those new to DSLR cameras.

    The Nikon D3300 has some of the best low light and best picture quality of mid level DSLR cameras. While not quite as good at high ISO settings, overall the D3300 snapped very beautiful, sharp images at 24 megapixels.

    Continue reading
  • Toshiba Satellite C55 Laptop Battery

    Free shipping on the long-lasting Toshiba Satellite C55 Laptop Battery at Batteryheads.com

    Battery not holding a charge as long as you like?  Revive the power to your Toshiba Satellite C55 laptop with a new TechFuel laptop battery.  TechFuel replacement batteries meet or exceed the original manufacturer models at a competitive price.

    Toshiba Satellite C55 Laptop BatteryOur SAT-C850 (6 cell) or extended-capacity SAT-C850E (9 cell) will replace the Toshiba PA5024U-1BRS and PA5109U-1BRS batteries and save you money in the process.  For a full list of compatible laptop model numbers, visit our Toshiba Satellite C55 page and click on the "compatible models" tab.  Extended batteries offer longer battery life, but because they have additional cells, they are a thicker battery that will extend slightly from the battery bay. Continue reading

  • The Best Battery for Gaming-Video Games Day

    Great batteries for video games.

    Although we recently wrote about some great options for all you gamers, but we couldn't let Video Games Day go by without another shout out to the best batteries that keep you gaming on!  We love the eneloop batteries!  We just can't say enough good about them.  The make big promises and they deliver!

    One happy customer said: "I used to burn through batteries on my XBOX controller. With eneloop I have new batteries charged long before I need them. No more reconnect controller warnings!  Thanks, Brandon"

    To celebrate Video Games Day we are giving you 20% off all our eneloop products for ONE DAY ONLY!  Stock up, those video games are not going to play themselves.

    Four AA eneloop batteries with charger can charge each battery up to 2100 times. Saves you money, not to mention mother nature.Four AA eneloop batteries hold their charge for 5 years and can be charged up to 2100 times.Save money and the environment! Buy 8 AA eneloop batteries to use less batteries by recharging them.
  • Nikon D3000 Battery Charger

    Nikon D3000

    Nikon D3000This camera has been recommended as a good starter camera for those looking to try their hand at dSLR.  With a basic feature set, the beginner-friendly Nikon D3000 delivers the photo quality and performance you expect when stepping up to a dSLR.

    The D3000 is powered by the EN-EL9 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  The EN-EL9 is charged by the MH-23 charger.

    Batteryheads offers the EN-EL9 TechFuel brand replacement battery for a great price.  The TechFuel replacement charger will charge the original Nikon EN-EL9 as well as the TechFuel brand EN-EL9.

    TechFuel brand products are manufactured exclusively for Batteryheads.com and will meet or exceed the original manufacturers specifications. All Batteryheads products come with a 30-day hassle-free return policy as well as a 1-year replacement warranty.

  • How to use fewer batteries this summer in video game controllers

    Summer time means the kids are home and the video games are a popular indoor activity when the weather gets hot outside.

    Many video game systems, like the Wii, the Xbox, and the PlayStation have wireless controllers.  Those are useful because they get rid of annoying wires that seem to get in the way while you are playing the game, but the tradeoff for wireless is the battery life on the controllers.  Many controllers use AA batteries and players must remember to replace the batteries when the controller runs out of juice, hopefully not in the middle of a game.canstockphoto9529222

    A video controller can go through these batteries very quickly. For instance, the Wii controller can go through two AA batteries in 25 hours of playtime, which can obviously add up if the kids are using the Wii a lot.  Wireless Xbox and PlayStation controllers will also burn through AA batteries pretty quickly.

    What's a parent to do? One option is to purchase a lot of batteries at one time. AA batteries are often less expensive when purchased in bulk quantities. Another option is the AA rechargeable batteries. They are a greener choice and for devices that are used a lot, such as game controllers, high-capacity rechargeable batteries may be a good choice.  Some good choices are the Eneloop rechargeable batteries made by Panasonic and the Energizer rechargeable batteries.

    Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

    Energizer Rechargeable Batteries Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

    Consumer Reports states "Rechargeable AA batteries usually score on a par with standard alkaline batteries per charge. A benefit of rechargeables is that you can select the capacity of the battery suitable for its use. For 'high drain' applications such as digital cameras, you can buy higher capacity rechargeable batteries (2400maH or more). What is unknown about rechargeables is how many charge/recharge cycles a pair offers—manufacturers claim 'thousands.' We hope to verify that number in future testing."

    AA batteries power many toys, video game controllers, and other popular gadgets in our homes.  For information about tossing or recycling batteries, visit www.call2recycle.org or earth911.com.

  • GoPro: A Great Thing in a Tiny Package

    Photo Courtesy of GoPro.com website Photo Courtesy of GoPro.com website

    Let's GoPro!

    In our digital world where your smart phone can take high quality pictures and videos, it may be almost an afterthought to own an actual camera or camcorder.  Enter the GoPro.

    What separates GoPro from other action video cameras is that all along, GoPro has sold consumers not on the camera, itself, but on something the smartphone can’t easily replace: the experience of using the camera.  GoPro cameras are high-definition quality video recording devices that are also waterproof and shockproof.  They are small and compact but provide amazingly clear video results.

    With cool features like burst mode (where holding down the shutter button lets you snap up to 30 photos in a single burst) and time-lapse photography, GoPro can take your picture taking to a whole new level.

    Wired.com shared a great article about Why GoPro’s Success Isn’t Really About The Cameras  "They don’t just sell a video camera, they sell the memory of the wave or the ski trip down the slope,” says Ben Arnold, a consumer technology industry analyst at The NPD Group. “I think we are entering an age where lifestyle in technology is becoming very important."

    That’s the reason, Arnold says, that brands like Beats and FitBit have done so well. They say something about the people who wear them. The iPhone might have been a status symbol when it was first introduced. Now, it’s a utility that says as much about its owner as the fact that she is wearing shoes. But when you see someone with one of those GoPro Hero 3 cameras strapped to her chest, it’s a signal to the world that she is about to do something awesome."

    Batteryheads.com offers high quality rechargeable replacement batteries and battery chargers for the GoPro Hero 1, Hero 2, and Hero 3 at affordable prices with excellent customer service.

  • Convertible Laptops: Best of the Hybrid Laptops for 2015

    Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga (photo courtesy of Amazon.com)

    You may have seen someone using one of these and wondered if it was a laptop or a tablet.  It is both...enter the hybrid laptop.  Also known as the convertible laptop, these devices can function as both a tablet and a laptop. Their design allows them to be detachable where the touchscreen functions as the tablet or the hinge can rotate full-circle.  The technology has been evolving and these devices are becoming more successful and popular. Continue reading

  • Getting Started With Geocaching

    GeocachingGeocaching Basics

    There are millions of people hunting for geocaches...and millions of geocaches waiting to be found all around the world!  Geocaching has been described as a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game.  Participants (or geocachers) navigate using a GPS-enabled device (such as a smart phone) to a specific set of coordinates to find “treasure” (or geocaches).  It is a great activity for families as well as individuals or groups.  Most GPS devices only require AA or AAA batteries.

    Here are some tips from geocache expert, Elin Carlson for VIA Magazine, on how to get started. Continue reading

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