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  • Tips for Great Spring Break Pictures

    Make the most of your pictures during this Spring Break.

    Tips for taking great spring break pictures from Batteryheads.com Bring both cameras

    Sure, your smart phone camera works great most of the time, but you may want to have a good quality photo that you can print out. Having a digital SLR will make for higher quality images.

    Make sure your camera has lots of storage space on the memory card.  If you bring along a spare memory card and a spare battery, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space on your camera and have to delete pictures to make room for new ones.  Remember to bring along your camera battery charger if you don’t have a spare battery.Tips for Taking Great Spring Break Pictures from Batteryheads.com

    Visit Batteryheads.com to pick up a new battery for your camera or a battery charger.  We have what you need and our friendly and knowledgeable customer service department can help you find the right battery or charger for your camera, and at a great price too! Continue reading

  • TechFuel Power Bank in Dubai

    One of our customers took his TechFuel Power Bank on a trip to Dubai.

    TechFuel Power Bank

    Dubai2 Matt R., satisfied Batteryheads customer at Ski Dubai with his TechFuel Power Bank

    "Thanks again for the Power Bank I used this so much on my trip and it would have been difficult without it."

    The TechFuel PowerBank portable backup USB battery charger will provide mobile battery power for iPhone or Android phones, cellular phones, GPS, gaming consoles, MP3/MP4, iPod, iPad and any other portable electronic devices requiring 5V of power or less. Continue reading

  • How to Pack your Tech Gear for Spring Break

    How to Pack your Tech Gear for Spring Break #batteryheads #laptop #cameraPlanning on heading out to someplace fantastic for Spring Break? Or maybe you have quick business trip?  When you are headed to the airport there are a few things you want to remember when packing your tech gear.

    1. Check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  The TSA is always changing what is allowed and not allowed on flights.  It is a good idea to check the current list before you fly.  You don't want the hassle of extra time with security! By knowing what you need to do to send your tech gear through security it will help you get through faster.  You can see the current list of TSA Prohibited Items here.  You may want to check the current requirements for taking laptop and camera batteries, camera battery chargers and alkaline batteries.  You may be required to check them or carry them in your carry on luggage. Continue reading

  • 10 Tips to Extend the Life of your Camera Battery

    10 Tips to Extend the Life of your Camera Battery #battery #photography #batteryheads There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the perfect photo opportunity unfolding before you, reaching for your camera and then realizing your battery is dead.  Weather you are a professional photographer or just a snap happy parent these tips will help you have enough battery to capture every magical moment.

    1. Keep your Battery Charged Most digital cameras use a Li-ion battery.  These batteries don't have a "memory" so it is okay to charge the battery before it is all the way drained, that way you start your day with a full charge. Continue reading

  • Traveling for the Holidays? Here's a Checklist of All the Essentials You'll Need


    During the holiday season, the United States Department of Transportation estimates that long-distance travel increases by 54 percent when compared to other times of the year. And if you’re among the traveling crowd during the holiday season, then you already know that you’ve got one more list to make – and check twice. Yes, in addition to your shopping list, there’s also your packing list!

    We trust that you’ve got your everyday clothes and toiletries already on this packing checklist, but here are some of the essentials that you’re certain to need that may not have crossed your mind: Continue reading

  • 7 Gadgets to Pack when Traveling

    Travel isn't what it used to be. Evolving technology makes seeing the world more convenient and secure. Whether you're planning a family vacation, weekend at the beach, or business trip in Prague, here are 7 gadgets that'll help make your trip enjoyable. Continue reading

  • Be Charged at All Times - What are the Benefits of a USB Battery?

    TechFuel Powerbank from Batteryheads.com

    In our busy lives, we like to stay plugged in. The problem is, that we can't always do this. We may drag along the cords for our cell phones, music players, cameras, tablets, or any number of appliances that work by using USB power, but that doesn't mean we will always have a place to plug in our devices. Worse yet, being tethered to someone else's standard outlet increases the chance that we will wind up leaving our devices behind. One way to avoid these obstacles, and keep our devices in good working order is by carrying a portable backup USB battery charger. Continue reading

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